• What to wear with a black one shoulder dress?

    I’m invited to a wedding this saturday (late afternoon wedding) and will be wearing a black one shoulder dress but not sure what to wear over it when it starts to get chilly later on in the evening at the reception. Other than wearing a pashmina or wrap what else would suit it? Would a bolero or shrug look ok with it?

    The dress is tea length and slightly flared on the bottom and has a bow on the shoulder strap.

    And yes. . i do know that black is not exactly the ideal colour to wear to a wedding. Its too late to find another dress and I have a lot of trouble finding one that fits (i’ve looked on the high street, designer shops and online!).

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    10 thoughts on “What to wear with a black one shoulder dress?

    • Maca says:

      I think a pashmina it´s the best option.

    • dansing247 says:

      try a shrug, one of the ones with a clasp at the front. silver would look great.

    • bernicehogan2002 says:

      I think a bolero or shrug would undress the dress. Your only recourse is a pashmina

    • Bren says:

      how about one of those silky, crocheted type shrugs

    • Kendall C says:

      You should probably wear a white wrap. Try to find one without a bow because if it had a bow it would be to many bows.

    • marg_harborne says:

      if i were you i would opt for one of these: http://cgi. ebay. co. uk/BLACK-FAUX-FUR-SHRUG-BOLERO-CAPE-WRAP-SHAWL-TIPPET-COAT_W0QQitemZ180151719166QQihZ008QQcategoryZ314QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem you could even wear it like the model in the photo so that the bow from the dress on the one shoulder is showing and you can have a bow on the other shoulder where the bolero ties.

    • Fashionmanic says:

      i personally would chose a cape or cropped jacket for the outift, the pashmera will distract the one shoulder look of the dress, and make it look like as if its a cowl style dress.

      Whatever you choose, get soemthing glitzy and embelllised to get the look right and bring out the black in your dress, theres nothing but looking to blande and sinking in with the shadows of the corners at a wedding party.

    • carli8305 says:

      Don’t wear a black dress to a wedding, it’s considered very rude to the bride and signifies that you don’t wish them a happy marriage amongst other things. Even if it is a late afternoon wedding, don’t do it – do you know nothing of wedding attire courtesy?

    • louise k says:

      Well as u wearing black u should wear bright colour wrap that will look nice.

    • jilbab says:

      As this has raised its ugly and unvirtuous head again…

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