• What color shoes? wear with a black dress and gold?

    I thought gold might look tacky, it’s for a formal thing. . . . . . . . so black? manily is black, one half? u? plained with gold sequins over black lace dress is short and not really short, but above genou.J ‘d like to add a link, but I’ve had in a small shop and store they have no website and I v? Rifi? Website of the eye label, but it is not? below. . Can not find a dress like her!

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    8 thoughts on “What color shoes? wear with a black dress and gold?

    • says:

      This depends. If the dress is mostly gold, black shoes. If it is mostly black, shoes or.Or: http://www. solestruck. com / Jeffrey-Campbell-Michelle-gold / index. html # http://www. solestruck. com / BCBGirls zynelle-holiday-gold-os-mestifo-Nappa-Patent / index. htmlNoir: http://www. solestruck. com / Jeffrey-Campbell-Michelle-closed-Blackfoot-su? of / index. htmlhttp: / / www. solestruck. com / nina-Viviana-ss-black-satin-gloss? / Index. html

    • emily_no says:

      But it would be cool, depending on the style of your eux.Si pr? Occup? by its stickiness, go for black. You can never go wrong with black)

    • mynameisexy says:

      You can wear shoes or black or colored or.Une would be better because you do not want to defeat your dress shoes or choc.Ne not use money unless you have something money on your dress or jewelry argent.J sp? I hope you look your best and have fun (:

    • <3 says:

      I say black, no matter what. It is difficult to match the gold and EXACTLY? Was going to end up and I’m lucky collant.bonne s? R that? Has gone so? Re pace, no matter what: D

    • lovesordinaryisland. says:

      I would like a link. black is always worth immediate use. formal, so I imagine talons.J really love these: http://www. Payless. com / store / product / s? tail. jsp? skuId = 076038065 & ProductID = 66652 & subCatId cat10270 = & catid = & cat10088 lotId = 076038 & category = & = catdisplayName Women + or something a little more? nerv?: http://www . Payless. com / store / product / s? tail. jsp? skuId = 073588065 & ProductID = 65804 & subCatId cat10270 = & catid = & cat10088 lotId = 073588 & category = & = + catdisplayName Women

    • nattie says:

      I agree that the gold shoes can look tacky, I wouldnt wear them. I b? Tone black there is a lot more class and formal: DHope this helps

    • Samantha says:

      Maybe? Be the colors of the dress. As you can wear black shoes and gold shoes! Honn? Ment, I think you should wear something that you normally wear. As if you do not wear Converse shoes all the time and spend a little wear black Converse with the dress! Do something surprising, but appropriate?. = D

    • Janine says:

      I think you should definitely wear black shoes. it is more of sophisticated? s and co? expensive. and it is more formelle.http: / / fashionism. ca/NR/rdonlyres/48F3F5B7-A75E-4DBA-BCFE-86BDF77CCEE3/171023/Miley4. jpgou you can go for a black shoe with a small piece of gold elle.http: / / www. Polyvore. com/gianmarco_lorenzi_a9d0q2714_black_suede/thing? id = 12813859http: / / www. Polyvore. com / christian_louboutin_spritney_suede_peep / thing? id = 12557783http: / / www. freedom?. co. uk / FCP / product / Liberty / Shoes / Black-Jitterbug-High-Heels, –KG-by-Kurt-Geiger/33134

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