• What can I wear under a chiffon dress so it is not see – through?

    Going up town tonight and I bought a new dress yesterday. I could wear a black or white chemise under it I guess, just what do you girls normally underneath chiffon?

    Thank you xx

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    7 thoughts on “What can I wear under a chiffon dress so it is not see – through?

    • marg_harborne says:

      wear a pretty slip like this: http://cgi. ebay. co. uk/Sexy-Black-Satin-Lace-Chemise-Slip-Nightie-UK-12-to-14_W0QQitemZ190146631832QQihZ009QQcategoryZ314QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    • danny a says:

      depends on the colour of it and if you want the colour of what you have on underneath to show. Black or white is a good idea but so if skin coloured. If it’s a dress you might wanna get a skin coloured slip

    • London Girl says:

      I wear a petticoat under a see thru skirt, If it sticks to your legs, just spray some hair spray on your legs and it wont stick.

      Hope this helps

      : )

    • mad says:

      A full length slip or camisole and half slip in a suitable colour – a similar colour if possible. Bra and half slip if you’re feeling brave and have no bulges to hide!

    • claire says:

      A petticoat, under a dress it would be a slip or petticoat dress

    • D.Murph says:

      Im glad thats the only poblem you have.

    • J P E says:

      underslip ; best to buy with the dress at the time

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