• How do you dress for 65 degree weather?

    Can anyone plan an outfit for me for 65 degree weather. I have to go to work at my school’s outdoor book festival for about eight hours and I really need a cute outfit. Can anyone give me any suggestions please!!! And please plan the outfit for a sophmore in high school aka nothing too revealing. Thanks sooo much!
    I live in Maryland

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    3 thoughts on “How do you dress for 65 degree weather?

    • stayupxgetdown says:

      It depends how acclimated you are to the weather. 65 could be really hot or cold depending on where you live.

    • flickertoaflame says:

      You can always go with a cardigan over a cute top. Or, you can layer a couple of long sleeve tops so if you do get hot you can take one off. I hate this time of year-it’s always hard to plan what to wear with the weather!

    • ħäʃʃɜɏ◦ says:

      hmmm. . . cute skinny jeans, flats, j crew sweater or cardigan and/or maybe just a cute top.
      hope that helps!

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