• How can i dress my boyfriend as a girl?

    Okay cut a long story short me and my boyfriend had a bet and the winner got to do anything they wanted to the other, i won the bet and decided i wanted to dress him as a girl for the day, he reluctantly agreed and now i have to do it. i need advice on wht to do as i want to do a good job and really make him experience looking and feeling like a girl, shall i make him wear knickers and bra, maybe a dress etc, please give me tips thanks.

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    16 thoughts on “How can i dress my boyfriend as a girl?

    • Bright eyes says:

      Lmao! XoD
      Yeah do that and put him the FULL make up on & buy him a wig with blonde curly pigtails. :P
      High heels as well- see how he copes and it will give you a laugh.

    • Strangesuzy says:

      Firstly, he will have to shave his legs and underarms. Then get him to wear knickers and bra. After that, go for a nice little skirt and top combination. A dress will look silly. Don’t forget a little make up either.

    • Claire says:

      How come every day pretty much there are questions on here posted by different people saying they had made a bet with their brother/boyfriend/best friend and they were going to dress them as girls for losing the bet.
      Seems kinda odd that soooooooooooo many people have the same question.

    • kimmykr95 says:

      lol. make him wear jeans, and definatly a bra. . . . . . maybe a cami. . . . also definatly do the whole makeup thing! and depending on how old he is, make him shave (if he has to. . . )

    • MariTa <3 JOse says:

      oOk u should unpluggeed his eyebrows, and add some make up like mascara and everythimg,,, then put him a bra wit i sexy shirt,,, shave his legs and make him wear a short skirt,,,, dont make him wear sandals cus no no no make him wear some highheals. . . . lol perfect

    • psycho bob says:

      Turn him into Dame Edna Everidge!

    • blue eyed babe says:

      Hmmm. . . . Bleech blonde wig (in a horrible way)
      Bright pink mini skirt, DONT SHAVE HIS LEGS LOL
      A realli bright yet revealing top
      & platform boots from the local charity shop

      Layers of make up on which would be literally CAKEDD on.
      Have fun!!

      P. s He wil look SO funny! Post a poll up with the pics

    • Eli says:

      haha, make him wear some heels (not too high like 2-3inch) and make him wear a thong with a pad in (when i started wearing them both i thought they were both VERYY uncomtable)

    • Meli says:

      okay. . . thong for discomfort, a bra stuffed with socks or tissue, heels, a dress, a wig, and the whole makeup shabang. a little advice-dont make him look to pretty, because if he likes it, he may want to do it more often. lol

    • BHATTA says:

      1st fully shave . . . . then if he has long hairs . . . . . tie it up with middle crop. . . . . . . . then applay lipstick. . . . . . . fix a bra. . . . . inside fill it with a cloth,to look like that,then ware him a scurt. . . n a some thing for top//. . . . . . . . thats it. . . . .

    • twinkletoes says:

      my boyfriend did it for charity! i didnt see pictures though- thank god!

      yeppppp you have def got to get him in a bra ob with some sofrt of filling!! dont know about knickers as there wouldnt be anywhere for this belongings to go!!!

      u should get a girly top- frills, lace, flowers.

      and for his bottom half- a short skirt with tights! if not tights get him to shave his legs it would be more funny! for you could get him in a pair of short shorts the sort girls would wear!

      and deff get him in heals!!! and if he wear peep to shoe paint his toe nails and finger nails to match!!

      good luckkk!! have funn!!


    • sandyblondegirl says:

      Treat him as your girly-girl girlfriend for the day, and make sure he dresses and behaves accordingly.

    • Ryan says:

      Well make him experience being a girly girl.

      Make him wax his body below his neck, wax his eyebrows into a high thin feminine arch, make him wear clip on ear rings and belly button ring, give him a French manicure and pedicure, make him wear breast forms, make him wear a g-string and bra combo, make him wear fishnets, put him in a mini skirt and a tight top, make him wear high heels, do his makeup like Dita Von Tease, and then take him out for a girly day of shopping, primping, and anything else you and your girlfriends usually do.

    • fiona says:

      I had this done to mee now i can’t stop going out dressed AS A GIRL ive even found a real man to have sex with the wife as im more of a woman than a man.

    • fiona says:

      we still love each other , but she goes to him for sex while i do the housework dressed as a woman , i always wear panties even when im trying to be a man , i do feel better when i go out in skirts or dresses though.

    • sissyboy says:

      yes my girlfriend made me wear a dress bra panties for a week after that i could go back wearing my clothes after the week i got use to wearing panties i told her that i like to keep wearing panties she said i thought you would so i went out and brought you some panties so you dont have to wear mine she brought me ten pairs of panties they were black pink blue red white one ever day i put on clea n panties my girlfriend said that what girl do you dont what to wear drity one you must wear clean panties i said yes i will good girl i ask why she call me a girl it just a name she ask me if i would wear some thing for her i said yes what is iti want you to wer a bra for a week i said yes she hand me a black bra she put it on me it fit good she told me she had it made for me then she hand me five more bras red pink white two black bras i wore them for two weeks after that she ask me if i still want to wear them i said yes but only in the house she said fine now three month i still wear bras panties to-day she ask me to wear a black bra and black panties and put on a shirt i said yes when i got dress she to me that we are going shopping i said i have to take off the bra she told me to keep it on the look i got i keep it on we went shopping she brought me a few dresses and heels then she said did my girl like what we brought i said yes when we got back home she told me to go have a bath i did as told when i was done she had all my new cothes lay out on the bed she said put them on idid as told there she said now you do look like a girl and you are my girl that was five years now

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