• Can I use Vaseline LOTION on my tattoo?

    I’m away at college and don’t have much with me or the means to travel and get a different product. I’ve heard over and over that Vaseline should not be put on your tattoo. . . can u put Vaseline Lotion. . . the Intensive Locking Moisture? My tattoo artist said a non-scented lotion. . . . and it has no scent!

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    16 thoughts on “Can I use Vaseline LOTION on my tattoo?

    • blacksnowbutterfly says:

      put triple antibiotic ointment on it

    • someone20078918 says:

      You can use vaseline on you tattoo. That’s what i used on mine and it looks great. As long as the lotion has no scent, you can use it.

      Hope i helped!

    • KL87 says:

      Yeah the lotion is fine, but is always find vaseline is fine as well if not better!

    • J L says:

      It is not the best thing to use but can be used.

    • jennielou87 says:

      yeah vaseline can affect the ink in a tattoo, i used nappy rash cream called bepanthen you gan get it in supermarkets on the baby aisle it works wonders my tat healed in 2 weeks. but i suppose any other non-scented moisturiser would be ok good luck

    • Buddy says:

      I’ve had tattoos since 1984 and I’ve always used Equate Vitamins A & D Ointment. I never had a scab on all 10 of my tattoos.
      I go by the years of experience in the artists and for me they have to have at least 25 plus years of experience nothing less. Plus I’ve done my own research on tattoos.

    • rebeccaaaaaargh! says:

      i wouldnt. but it will be better than nothing if you can get anything else. but id say wait untill you can get something better. nappy rash cream is really good

    • col says:

      no no no never put vaseline or anything petrol based it draws out the colour ok
      EDIT drbeeme it still has petrol in it better safe than sorry

    • drbeeme says:

      READ it people. . . she’s NOT putting Vaseline. . . she’s talking about Vaseline intensive care LOTION. . . and yes that’s fine. . . any lotion will do, as long as your tattoo is healed and you didn’t get it “last week. “

    • nikzy911 says:

      I was told to use pile cream when I got mine done, and in fairness it worked. Embarrassing to ask for at the chemist though! :o) x

    • Justine Caley says:

      NOOOOO, it would have the same ingredients that Vaseline would. Most lotions/ointments have something in the product that draws color (even the black) from your tattoo. use tattoo goo its super cheap and it last for a while it actually heals the tattoo’s faster.

    • fred405 says:

      Artists recommend that you use a non scented moisturiser and I used E45 cream

      Vasaline too thick

    • mouse says:

      Personally,I wouldn’t,I';ve always used Bepanthen,you can get it anywhere really,supermarket or chemist etc,if the tattoo is fully healed,and I mean fully healed,but the skin is a little dry then it should be ok,but I wouldn’t use often only as a one off,as the skin will still be really sensitive and even unscented lotions can cause it too feel itchy. Try some Bepanthen you only need a small amount and it heals tattoos lovely,the colour comes out much brighter with Bepanthen than any other creams I’ve used

    • Jovi Freak says:

      try Bepanthan, nappy cream or Sudocrem.

    • Devil Bitch Tattoo says:

      We at Devil Bitch Tattoo studios, would advice you use a simple emollient cream such as E45 or a designated tattoo aftercare ointment. But the best advice we could give is to treat your healing tattoo like you would any superficial wound, would you put vaseline lotion on a cut?? As long as the lotion is unscented and free of colourants then it should be ok to use. As for vaseline “drawing out ink” as mentioned in a previous answer, this is highly unlikely. People often think this is happening, as they “drown” their tattoo in vaseline and it makes the scab and the ink trapped in the scab, begin to break down, making it appear that ink is being drawn from the tattoo, but this is not the case.

    • Boxer Paul says:

      would you put vaseline lotion on a cut??

      Ummm, boxers do!

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