• Why do i get dry skin after i shower?

    Mostly on my face, it goes away when i use moisturiser, and it only seems to happen as the weather gets colder. I also get very mild dandruff but i deal with that just by using shampoos which seem to work fine. Do you know what it is, it’s not a big problem as i can get rid of it by moisturising, but how can i prevent it from happening in the first place, because it’s worrying and also i’d be scared to have a shower at a friend’s house.

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    29 thoughts on “Why do i get dry skin after i shower?

    • Saraita says:

      because the water drys your skin out. using too hot water drys ur skin. so try to use only warm water

    • leikevy says:

      I got that when i moved farther north. Probably because the hot water is washing too much face oil off. Maybe use less a bit cooler water or take a faster shower.

    • Happykid says:

      Your soap is too drying for your skin. Try a soap like Dove, which has moisterizers in it.

    • racer717 says:

      I think the soap dissolves the natural oils on your face. It’s not really a problem.

    • gussie r says:

      check the ph level of your soap

    • Ashley says:

      hot water will dry it out and it removes the natural oils from your skin and will leave you dry, moisturize with some kind of lotion after the shower. it really helps. and use conditioner in your hair.

    • me :^P says:

      well it is just the kind of heat you are using. you need to try putting some moisture in ur house with a humidifier

    • timovick says:

      moisturize-moisturize-moisturize. . . . and toner our skin changes during different climates. . . . u have to find out what works for u . . . . going to a facial spa would be of good help

    • DrVodka says:

      First it is probably too hot a shower you are taking and that is zapping all the moisture out of your skin. And second, it is natural for the skin to become dry(and itchy & flaky) in the fall winter months because the air is drier due to heaters being run. . . this can even be in the car when you are running that heater. . . . so. . . just take warm showers and use a good moisturizer. . . . most people have this problem. . . you are not wierd.

    • Stephanie F says:


      Do you use hot water? People who tend to use hot water so that the mirror steams up tend to have more dry skin. Older people also have dry skin because they have less oils in their skin as they get older. There is a shampoo for dry skin made my Aveeda which is called scalp benefits to help dry scalp. I am not saying you are old because I do not know your age.
      Try to use a tad less hot water if you are using hot water like I do. I also have to use moisturizer and lotion. I am almost 40 and I never had a problem with dry skin until about 5 or 6 years ago. When the weather gets colder we turn the heat on and it dries our skin out too. It is normal. Try some extra moisturizer at night.

    • gypsyparadise123 says:

      Try a splash of cold water. It would close the pores, and I find it refreshing. Also I carry a small container of moisturizes in my purse.

    • W C says:

      It could either be hard water or soap that is too strong for your skin. I have the same problem. You know what finally worked for me, which took twenty-five years of my life to discover?! Get a good skin exfoliate like Swiss Ives and rub it all over your face really good for about five minutes once per week(I know it sound kind of dumb, but really works). This takes off all the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin and cause an ashy appearance. Use a quality face moisturizer afterward. I found out this is what the movie stars do. It makes your skin as smooth as a babies butt! It also takes away all the blackheads!!

    • Bootylicious says:


    • millie says:

      dont worry its probably only the shampoo or shower gel your using or leave a window open the room could be too warm try using a face mask before getting into the shower also another problem could be if the water is too hot alot of people get this so dont be afraid to shower at your friends it probably even happens to her

    • shatzy says:

      its just your average dry skin. if you are concerned about it while at another house, carry lotion with your change of clothing. my face does the exact same thing after i shower. doesn’t bother me and i haven’t had any weird reactions in the 30+ years i’ve been alive.

      if it really bothers you, seek your family doctor. =)

    • mbpkat says:

      The hot water is drying out your face, use cooler water, or take shorter showers, or the soap might even be drying out your skin. So use soaps with no or little alcohol. Also put lotion on regularly, after showers and other times in the day.

      Hope your skin gets less dry
      Good Luck

    • David N says:

      The streaming hot water strips away the oils in your skin. . . try to take baths instead and use bath oils

    • avll says:

      Soap and hard water are the culprits. Change to an oatmeal bar, especially for your face. I found at my local drug store a bar Yardley, it is not expensive,smells better than soap. You will need to keep applying moisturizer. Dandruff is another issue, and as you said you have that under control.

    • chief 1210 says:

      you might have hard water

    • evols1dog says:

      cold weather means drier skin, especially if you go from cold environments to environments that are centrally heated. In the summer you will also experience dry skin, but what masks it is that in the heat we tend to perspire which is a form of moisturisation to the skin.

    • Genevieve P says:

      The reason this happens is because you have sensitive skin and certain chemicals in your cleanser combined with the temperature of your water is causing your skin to react. People with sensitive skin usually have one season that their skin does not like your happens to be cold weather. I recommend that you change your body wash to anything made for sensitive skin and contains a moisturizer, you should also change your shampoo to a product that controls dandruff and also contains a moisturizer. Finally you should also invest in a lotion made for sensitive skin. After you have made these changes don’t expect to see results for at least 2 weeks, however the problem will never completely go away your skin is sensitive and that unfortunately is something that you will always have, however should the problem ever worsen or become painful see your doctor immediately and he or she will arrange for you to see a dermatologist.

    • thecoldvoiceofreason says:

      Because if you’re using shower gel it tends to strip off most of your natural oils and hence you become dry, i moisturise straight after showering, works for me.

    • tiny says:

      . The soap that you are using is taking the oil out of your skin,colder weather doesn’t help either try using a moisturizer soap like Dove. Don’t use a soap that says deodorizer because it will take the oil out of your skin. I have the same problem.

    • shaba says:

      don’t dry ur body after showering just moisturise with d water dripping off ur body, most people have that problem cos d wter here is too hard

    • LNZ says:

      Because soap and water dry your skin. I use soy pete’s lotion bars that are amazing and they work! So do the oils he has for moisturizing and conditioning the skin. I also use the shaving oil and my skin feels so soft all day, I never need lotion on my legs anymore. He doesn’t put alcohol in it to dry your skin either. Try it you will love it!

      http://www. soypete. com/

    • Simply Dead says:

      Skin drys naturally after being wet, dependng on whether you choose to drip dry or use a towel. Your best solution would be to constantly keep you skin moist by submersion in liquid. To do this, you will need some from of breathing apparatus to survive under water, or whatever liquid you choose to use.

    • Niro says:

      bcoz when we take shower or bath . . . . . . we used body cream already in our body so when its removes it will turn to dry skin. . that’s not problem. . . use good moisture cream.

    • Mois says:

      because you wash the oil away with the water

    • yabyum11 says:

      The soap you are using could be to aggressive for you type of skin + maybe the water is to hot. It,s better not to use soap on your face at all.

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