• When tanning in a sunbed, can you just use moisturiser?

    Ok, i got a bit sunburnt in the tanning booth yesterday. Oops :)
    I’m not inclined to use a tanning lotion, mostly because they are too expensive, but also because i tan quite easily and i’m not fussed about increasing my tan quicker.
    However, i DO need to keep the skin moisturised, so i’m just wondering if i can use an normal body moisturiser from the supermarket, eg Nivea?
    Please, this is a serious question, so only people who actually know the answer – no guesses!
    Please stop posting answers about getting skin cancer and sunbeds being bad for you – i know the risks, i’m going to do it anyway, and now i want some advice.
    Please answer the question only, and don’t rant on what wrong with sunbeds!!

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    15 thoughts on “When tanning in a sunbed, can you just use moisturiser?

    • teddybearloverus says:

      I’m really going to bust your bubble. My best friend just was diagnosed with skin cancer and guess where from. . . yes, you got it a tanning bed. She has had surgery already, has rounds of kemo and radiation ahead of her and plastic surgery. She will never be able to be in the sun without protection again and she can’t sunbathe anymore because she will run the risk of this reoccuring. Please, reconsider the effects before you keep on tanning. It may or may not happen to you, but it can and will have long term affects in your life. . . . I beg of you to check your skin often and have your doctor check it often also if you continue to do this.
      I suggest you contact your doctor to find out what moisturizer he recomends that you use.

    • Raychelle says:

      I use sun beds and the best thing I would suggest is to use Coco butter.

      It works wonders and leaves your skin feeling lovely.

      If you put it in the fridge it will sooth your skin and help with the sun burn.


    • Annie M says:

      Well firstly, I would say dont use the sunbed, causes 80% of wrinkles and when you get older you will regret it. However, in answer to your question, try using a tan accelarator, they stop your skin from burning and also help your skin go brown and maintain the tan. You can use every day like a moisturiser (i use 10 days before I go on hols and never burn). EcoTan, Elemis, Decleor, Gatineau all do them. Try the QVC website, or if you live near a big store try in there. Ive recommended to a few people now and they swear by them. Tan your body but fake your face, you dont want to have the leather look!

    • Charlotte C says:

      Using a low SPF with carrot oil in it is a good option-with normal moisturiser you’ll just fry

    • supriya85@btinternet.com says:

      NO!!!!!!!! Always use protection no matter what type of tanning system you use!

    • Knoxie says:

      Wow-I thought it was common knowledge that those things can kill you. . . or worse make you look old.

    • Kim H says:

      As long as you use the moisturizer AFTER you tan. The oil in a lot of moisturizers can damage the surface of the tanning bed. No matter what type of product you use–avoid the ones that contain alcohol (it’s in there to help it dry quickly on your skin) but it will also DRY OUT your skin–and that is why we use the stuff in the first place. Eucerin is a good one, but there are lots of them out there-check the ingredient statement on the label before you buy. Don’t tan until you look like an old saddle either, that too dark look isn’t attractive on anyone-young or old! Go for that “healthy glow”, instead. Avoid burning–work up your minutes a bit at a time.

    • Lord G says:

      Don’t listen to the Scary Stories about getting Skin-Cancer from Sun-Beds. . . your more likely to catch a STD or a Verruca in a salon – make sure you give it a wee wipe when you use it – as well as the door handle. . Most of my family & friends have been using Sunbeds for years – way back when it was just a few tubes in a wooden fruitbox. . my wife uses something called Australian Gold a strange coloured & smelling cream. . I would advise getting your nose right up against the tubes wearing no cream ! and put on your moisturiser – like Johnsons after sun – it also has tanning colourant in it too. . . to help cheat a bit with your tan. .

    • facepainter says:

      There is no guessing about this. . . that you can get skin cancer from using a sunbed and my recommendation to you is that you avoid them.
      A work colleague of mine had a skin cancer removed from her arm and that was caused by sunbeds.
      If you got burnt, which we all have a some point, does that not make you think !!
      Is it not obvious those people who have blasted themselves on the sunbed the Saturday they go out, fine if you think the lobster look is attractive.
      I think tanning is loosing its commercial appeal, all we need now is for them to loose the skinny model appeal.

    • sophie says:

      u should realy use tanning creams,they stimulate the menalin in the skin,helping u tan faster and keeping skin moisturized!!emerald bay is a very good cream and reasonable price!always control ur mins and make sure its a good sunbed ur using eg. bulbs and filters changed regulary!!

    • grlnxtdoor says:

      I work at a tanning salon and you should not use regular moisturizer for two reasons.

      First of all, it’s easier for you to burn and you don’t develop a tan as quickly. The ingredients in tanning lotion helo to produce more melanin (which makes your skin tan) and lotion also helps to protect it from burning (without any sunscreen).

      Another reason you shouldn’t use it is because it ruins the bed acrylics. If we ever see someone with a “regular” lotion, we have to make sure they don’t use it because it ruins the acrylics and makes it impossible to clean them throroughly due to the oils in the “regular moisturizers.

      There are some cheaper lotions that you could buy. The cheapest we have at my salon is Australian Gold Gelee. It’s 15 dollars. If you need something even cheaper, I’d recommend looking online at tanning lotion wholesalers or e-bay They are usually about half the price online than in a salon!

    • hot*angel says:


    • Amanda K says:

      Moisturise beforehand, but give it chance to sink in and aftersun afterwards.

    • pufferfish says:

      I know you say they are expensive but you need to use one they have ingredients in that help protect your skin as well but you should never use a moisturizer on the sunbed it will burn. you dont need to lather it on just a thin layer will do and a good size bottle should last you while. You should however moisturize every day to stop your skin going scaly as the sunbed drys your skin out more. and if you do tan well then i would suggest only using the sunbed a couple of times a week at the most. I dont want to bang on about skin cancer and things but the warnings are there.

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