• What is the difference between day and night cream/moisturiser?

    well i was just buying my normal moisturiser yesterday and i saw that it also came in day and night cream and i was wondering is there actually a difference between them besides putting one on in the day and one on in the night? because they were expensive seperately and it just seemed like a waste.

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    • ‚ô•Autumn says:

      Day time creams are generally thicker to make up for the fact that during the day you may sweat, wipe your face, etc. Night time creams have a better chance to moisturize your skin as they can absorb into it while you sleep. Some day time creams also allow for the use of makeup on top. Check the ingredients of both creams. You should find many similarities between the two, but there are differences and the day time and night time cream will be more effective if used together.

      (By together I mean day time cream during the day and night time cream at night).

    • Love says:

      well there really is no need for two separate moisturizers, but the night cream usually is thinner and it is just easier to apply and leave it on at night, the day cream usually has a bit of sunscreen in it and is thicker because your rubbing off your natural oils while you are doing stuff through out the day, so they make it thicker to replace those oils, but all in all they are pretty much just the same, its just companies trying to get more money out of vulnerable teenagers

    • JusFeelinPeachy says:

      Well idk what those exactly were, but I sell Mary Kay and we have a day and night solution. The day solution has sunscreen in it and gets your face ready for make-up, and the night solution is vitamin enriched and calms your face for the night, it also prevents aging since you will age twice as fast overnight with left over makeup on your face. Neither of those are a moisturizer however, just a cream to help enrich and protect your face, but work great together!

    • Nayi says:

      Ellie, a moisturizer is the active ingredient in a cream, or lotion. It’s a common mistake to think a moisturizer is a lotion, and vice versa. They are not. In fact, the cheap lotions, may not have any active ingredients (moisturizers). Most of the cheap lotions/creams just have filler – water, and other worthless to your skin ingredients.
      To answer your specific question, there is no difference whatsoever, in day/night lotions. That is just a selling gimmick. I only use one for day/night, and my face is baby smooth.

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