• What is the best moisturizer for teenagers?

    If you do not know then, how about you what is your favorite moisturizer? Because I noticed that there are many moisturizing products for the elderly and wrinkles and things. There is only one that is nivea young but it’s so shit, so if you know then I’d be grateful thankyouuuuu. .

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    13 thoughts on “What is the best moisturizer for teenagers?

    • alice.soewito says:


    • Bella says:

      Olay sensitive skin, it does not have a fragrance.

    • GuitarGirl27 says:

      I like Olay Complete. There is no oil, has sun protection, vitamins and antioxidants. Things all good for the skin

    • tears says:

      I use clean and clear incidents etQu’en do you think?

    • raetaraquel@sbcglobal.net says:

      I use Velosity, Mary Kay, and it works so well. You wet your face, then put the Clenser, then wash that off, then put the mostorizer, but does not wash. I suggest splashing your face seven of eight times to wash the clenser, not just wash it off with a wet washrag.

    • onlyangelg says:

      OMG ok I have acne-prone skin there is this kind of things FRO HREBALIFE Is oil free MOISTURIZER name NouriFusion line is I think u use it since I was 14 and it works well and it is not fat, oh and that’s all natural. I know they have a nutrition laboratory cell where they research these things for years before the off I know this because my sister works with them. Try there is nothing to lose

    • Maryshine<3. says:

      I absolutely adore Aveda sensative skin and the rest of the combo in 3 steps. If you have dry skin or oily, they certainly have something for you, either to their store or online. Not to mention, 97% of their ingredients are considered natural, not comodegenic hypoallergénique.Parce and the Aveda products can sometimes be expensive, if you are looking for something cheaper. . . go with ponds lotion for the face, especially if you have dry skin.

    • Sungoddess says:

      Oil of Olay is a grand.Pas too expensive, so see if it suits you.

    • holla says:

      Replenishing Lotion quotidiennehydratation all day in a light-feeling, fast absorbing formulaEucerin daily skin regenerating Lotion repairs dry with a formula that is ideal for everyday use – fast absorbing, but very efficace.Lipid improved formula restores barrier Hydration own, so skin stays hydrated plusÉprouvé clinically to moisturize for 24 hours for skin stays smooth all journéeEmpêche loss of moisture to keep skin looking saineIdéal for everyday use, this non-greasy formula absorbs quickly to nourish your peauSans perfume, non-comedogenic, non irritantEucerin promise the highest quality ingredients and formulas clinically proven to help keep your skin healthy. Eucerin skin care is safe for sensitive skin and so effective it has been approved by dermatologists for years.

    • x-ScEnE-gAl-x says:

      Teenagers produce more oil, if one without the oil. Just read the back pour”Oil Free”

    • winter8778 says:

      You need one that is free of oil and has a sunscreen in it, to avoid wrinkling. Try those labeled oil-free, non-comedogenic, or non-acnéigène. Go to Wikipedia to check ingredient labels to see if the sunscreen (usually active) has UVA and UVB. A product is Clean & Clear salicylic acid, an ingredient that reduces the buttons, but she does not have an SPF, so use only nuit.hydratants popular for teens include: morning glow, Clean & ClearHydratant-Clean & Clear Oxygenating Moisture-W Neutrogena Oil-Free / SPF 15

    • sakura says:

      Ponds or Olay

    • swimming says:

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