• Veet hair removal cream RASH?!?

    I have a little bit of back hair on my lower back and I said I didn’t like it, so my girlfriend bought me some Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin. I used it on my lower back and on my stomach. My stomach was fine. There were a few little dots on my stomach that went away in a day or so. But my lower back. . . after about two days, these red dots started appearing where I put it. They aren’t raised a lot. . . they’re pretty flat, but you can see them because my skin is pretty white.

    I figured if I got a bit of a tan, I wouldn’t see them as much. But, until then, I thought I should find a way to get rid of them and stop them from coming back. So. . . they’re still here after a week and a bit. My girlfriend told me to exfoliate my back and then put moisturizer on. So I did, and then I thought that the red dots might be a rash, so I put some cortisone cream and hopefully they’ll go away.

    But, I’d like to know what these red dots are and how to prevent them. Will my skin get used to the Veet products, or will this reaction or whatever always happen? Or are they ingrown hairs? What should I do? :S

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    5 thoughts on “Veet hair removal cream RASH?!?

    • C3A9R9Y7N says:

      You have a minor allergic reaction to them. There’s probably something in the product that doesn’t mix well with your skin. I’m assuming you have sensitive skin (because she bought you the sensitive skin formula). I personally try to stray away from the removal creams because well, they stink and have harsh nasty chemicals in them. Try just regular wax strips or buy an epilator :)

    • Top Alpha Wolf says:

      They could be ingrown hairs, but I think they are most likely just a rash caused by the product. You could be allergic to an ingredient in it, or it could just be first time use irritation, maybe caused by leaving it on too long.

      Next time, try keeping it on for less time, then washing the area well immediately after and applying vitamin E oil or olive oil and massage it in.

      If nothing else works, try waxing. Hurts a bit, but you do get used to it and it doesn’t require so many chemicals.

      As for if you’ll get used to the Veet. . . . maybe. Some people do eventually, however, some have a long term allergy to it and must stop using it. Just try to avoid overusing the product or leaving it on for too long of a time. You might have extra sensitive skin and might need to watch what you put on it more than others. Even products made for sensitive skin sometimes cause rashes and bumps. It just depends on your sensitivity levels.

      Just make sure to wash the area well afterwards with plain, cool water. Not cold and not hot. . . just cool.

      Good luck.

    • *little heart* says:

      its an allergic reaction. its better not to use the cream.

    • Quest says:

      Your skin is irritated from the product, so I recommend you change to another brand of hair removal.

    • Allyson says:

      Well, it will go down, but your not supposed to use veet on your back or stomach, because its sensitive skin. :)

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