• How do i make my face look polished and shiny/fresh with makeup?

    How do people get that look? I dont mean oily shiny, its just some people have this gleam to their face that makes it look polished and fresh, with makeup. Is it because they use primer or a special moisturizer or something?? please help!!

    thanks guys!

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    22 thoughts on “How do i make my face look polished and shiny/fresh with makeup?

    • dune.heishman says:

      with your mother

    • Lola S says:

      get some shoe polish

    • Evan says:

      put lotion on your face its shiny right?

    • HeyThere says:

      Wash your face and use face moisturizer. Then just use some light make up such as light blush and such.

    • ☼ Sarah ☼ says:

      try a mineral powder
      it has a shimmer to it and goes on really lightly. I use CoverGirl TRUblend minerals which works wonderfully but i know there are lots of other brands out ther too. This way you arent caking on make up but you get a nice, healthy glow =]

    • Roger H says:

      um use that brush thing it might help or your mum can help u or just ask your mum thats all i can say hope it helps o. 0

    • Kel says:

      Well to get the shiny fresh look washing your face before applying any kind of makeup helps a lot. What I do is wash my face with a washcloth and scrub it good to get all loose skin off. Then I apply moisturizer and then a powder foundation (Some people use a cream foundation for a base but I find it to feel like too much).

      Also Bare Minerals gives you that natural looking glow.

    • Goldbrain says:

      maybe some acrylic clear spray from ace hardware. that or some of that shiney spray they use on auto tire sidewalls.

      or annoit your face with liberal amounts of oil. cod liver oil makes it shine, too.

    • AlexisM ♥ says:

      Use a foundation with a semi-matte or luminous finish and brush a little bit of light pink blush on your cheeks. You could also try skin highlighters, like Revlon’s or Benefit’s Moon Beam : )

    • Auntie says:

      if you mean sunkissed, shiny faced
      its bronzer!

      it really makes you look glamourous and fresh!

    • ♥<333breebree luvs cam♥ says:

      hunn wow u dont want ur face 2 look shiny. . thats badd like umm. . duh?

    • smiley says:

      Hun, RELAX!

      okay let me help you out here
      what you need is to go to the mall where they have you sit down and tell you exactly what color fits your skin well and what type of products you need

      if you want you face to look smooth clear and zit free then i suggest you use COVER-UP but when you put it on don’t make it seam like you just dumped a whole powder makeup on your face smooth it gently around your face

      when you put the cover-up on your face make sure its almost exactly like the rest of your skin other wise your neck is a different color then your face and that’s not good at all

      and Girll but are you talking about (oily?)
      what he hell if you want your face to be oily hen get some baby oil
      jeez that’s Justs gross guys are going to think you sweat alot or your pimples are crying

      sooo do what i say go to the mall ask somebody who works with makeup and ask them the right color that should fit you best then put it on gently but make sure its the RIGHT color

      good luck hope this helps any more questions i can help you with email me at cherrylips240@yahoo. com bye!

    • *CHANCE* says:

      don’t try shiny, this will make your face look oily, try creating a soft glow with a luminizer by first applying a good primer (one for oily or dry skin, depending on your skin type) then foundation (your usual foundation) and blending the luminizer into temples, above cheekbones, in inner corners of eyes, on browbones and on the tip of your nose, less is more in this case! (i like benefit High Beam)
      use a soft powder to keep everything in place and add lumiosity (clinique has one with light shimmer) after that use a soft shimmery peachy pink blush (i love covergirl cheekers)

      get blush at walmart, clinique products at any department store and benefit products at sephora. com or sephora stores

    • Leah says:

      put a light layer of moisturizer with a makeup sponge over your makeup already on.

    • Song Hye says:

      Dump your face in a pail of clear lip gloss~ O:

    • God says:

      I’m guessing you’re talking about that sort of matte look, like this:
      http://www. fashion. arts. ac. uk/snapshot/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/ieva1. jpg

      To get that, you should first wash your face before applying any makeup. This gets rid of any oils you have left of your face.

      Use a matte foundation. Bare minerals has some good ones.

      After that, just add the details. Some light blush on the cheeks, forehead, and chin to highlight your natural glow, eyeshadow, etc.

      The best way to go about it is to find a picture on the internet that is close to what you want and try and mimic it.
      Also, try going to the mall or another place where they have those kiosks with people giving out free makeovers and ask them what makeup would be best to use on your skin.

      Using a luminizer would be a good idea, too, if the matte foundation doesn’t work on its own.

    • aubreyxx3 says:

      Okay, here we go.

      1) Moisturize your face. You can use any lotion, but moisturizer is best. You can find it @ your drugstore.

      2) Apply Foundation !! Liquid Foundation is great for that extra shine. Recommended is MAC Studio fix Fluid for heavy coverage or Mineralize Satin Finish for small – Medium coverage.

      If you don’t want to buy MAC because of the cost, use one of these drugstore brands.
      Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup (Their moisturizer is my face, btw)
      Revlon Colorstay Foundation

      3) Set Foundation
      Use any powder, but not a blush. Well, you CAN use blush, but setting your foundation with a translucent powder is even better.
      I use MAC Studio fix Fluid Foundation, and I set it with MAC Studio fix powder.

      4) Apply MSF
      Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF) is what gives your skin the glow. A nice, healthy glow that doesn’t look fake. MAC sells EXCELLENT MSFS, so go check those out. I recommend Petticoat and So Ceylon.


      You can use a bronzer, that has a bit of Shimmer to it.

    • kanika k says:

      apply cream on ur face. . . . . . . . . then powder. . . . . . remove the acess powder. . . . . n apply blush on it. . . . . . it really lookz gud

    • margaret_flores89 says:

      apply mac’s fix plus to make your makeup stay on and lookin fresh!

    • DeleraTwinkie says:

      I know what you’re referring to. . . It’s actually called a ‘face illuminator’. It’s normally pearly white in colour with a little bit of shimmer when applied on the face. When people look at you from different angles, your face looks flawless and glow brightly but not in a greasy manner.

      I have a Revlon’s Skinlights TM face illuminator in 01 Natural Light. Try this. It’s pretty good. Comes with SPF 15. I have another Japanese illuminator but I bought it in Japan and have not seen it being sold anywhere else. Revlon’s products are easier to find across the globe.

    • amono says:

      they mix liquid shimmer with your foundation

      then apply it on your face

      this trick will make your face glow sparkle

    • rollwithit says:

      I think you are talking about the dewy look, like with a nice gleam but not oily shiny. If you want that, a way to do that is using a luminizer. Just google “luminizer” and you will get loads of examples of it. another way to get a nice glow is spritzing your face with water after your makeup is done, or applying some of your powder wet. this will give a bit of a wet look, not a gross one but a fresh one, but it doesnt last so long. so just try the luminizer products first

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