• You can use Vaseline cocoa butter oil for tanning?

    Answer by silly3716
    If you are talking about indoor tanning (ie tanning beds) then do not use them unless you ask first tanning salon . Some products labeled for outdoor use can damage acrylic kama.Para outdoor tanning, I personally do not use anything that is too slippery. It’s like putting yourself in bacon grease. Use something that is designed to bring melenin over your skin (such as products made for use in tanning beds) rather than just the surface of frying them. Remember, burn is bad -! And is a total obstruction to allow a good tan

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    I need to see the results if I use this product for tanning …

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    One thought on “You can use Vaseline cocoa butter oil for tanning?

    • blue says:

      Both of these products have high reflectance which means they are going to get more UV rays from the sun. You should not use them for tanning because it does not contain any protection to your skin and can result in skin damage that may have lasting effects such as premature wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer. Use something with SPF protection, or you just can badly burn.

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