• Why do my hands look like someone much older in? I’m only 22!?

    I used the hand cream, but it made no difference. The funniest was when I used this hand cream 3 years ago in my hands was wonderful for a few months, then I do not use it much, then forgotten for two years. Started using Vaseline hand and nail for about a month, no difference! What’s happening? Usually, I drink more water than most, I am sometimes lax. But generally I would say 5-6 glasses a jour.Mangez a complete mix of all that goes, eat lots of everything, the red and white meat, tuna, vegeatbles, fruit, chocolates, to name but I “I have mangé.fsb2u2004 my hands fall rather than try that!

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    12 thoughts on “Why do my hands look like someone much older in? I’m only 22!?

    • James says:

      Use E45, my hands were very dry, and I used St. Ives, and he made them all bleed and still be drier in the cold wind, so I swithced to E45 and theyre back to normal!

    • screamingflower34 says:

      Your hands are the thing on your body that are most at risk and get the most abuse. Bring plastic bags with Vaseline and a sock on them. . . Sounds goofy, but it really works! Cream really works thats too heavy. . as Eucerin in the jar. . . so thick, but it really does help.

    • tracey.white2 says:

      Use whatever cream you use on your face

    • shibbystar says:

      I am only 19 years, and I feel your pain. If you can bear it, wear latex gloves at night with tons of lotion on really helps. :) The problem is that your hands are the least protected and most exposed part of your body, of course, they will be affected research. Keep them with lotion and protect your hands when you can. . . sunscreen, gloves, etcC’est my best advice for you, Shibby

    • MomMom says:

      Several things. How’s your diet for beginners! Are you getting enough “good” fats? What are your omega-3? Are you drinking enough water? The potential of other cleaning products. Are you dishes to wash their hands without gloves? Do you use soap without soap or 100% is it bad pink stuff in the office – he always ruins my mains.Vous need a day “spa” for hands and perhaps consider a paraffin dip, manicure, etc., but remember that many skin problems are caused by what you put into your body, not sur.Bonne luck!

    • toon_tigger says:

      You’re lucky, you can do something – try to have eczema and live with hands that look like your 60

    • cardgirl2 says:

      You need the cream in your hands at night and use white gloves you can buy in the drug store, I have the best thing for you. Vitamin E Cream Moisturizing Hand Jasons. You can get this product in a health food store. It is the best and a big pot is only about $ 6. 00. . . I use it every evening on my hands, feet, legs and neck. My hands have never looked better and let me tell you that I could be your mother, so you get my age. Good luck

    • xx69. says:

      Handcream thick set, and sleep with gloves. [The type you find in the beauty section, not as winter gloves. ] It will keep the mostuire while you sleep and you’re hands should be smooth in the morning.

    • autumn says:

      I have a severe hand eczema and my hands no longer look. I think it’s mostly because it is constantly dry and looks red or meurtris.Mon dermatologist recommended moisturizing constantly after washing hands and using Cetaphil soap is more gentle on mains.J ‘use cream Eucerin works perfectly.

    • fsb2u2004 says:

      It is said that the male sperm is an excellent natural remedy for dry skin and wrinkles of the face.

    • dee says:

      Hands look old. It can be héréditaireSi ur hands catch on tights or mousepads ur heart, if ued tried creams 50p to £ 20. 00 and none of them helped. Eucerin cream is worth a try worked for me and one of my friends.

    • Micheal Axton says:

      I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

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