• why can’t i put makeup on where my eyebrows got waxed? read discription?

    so i got my eyebrows waxed like 4 days ago, & when i put coverup, the coverup doesnt apply on where i got my eyebrows waxed. so basically its white all over my eyebrow then tan everywhere else from my coverup. my sister said it was because of the baby oil, but by now, wouldn’t that be gone? so how do i put make on ?!!

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    2 thoughts on “why can’t i put makeup on where my eyebrows got waxed? read discription?

    • cassy says:

      your face is dannn part where your eyebrow hair used to cover now its gone and it looks white. think of wearing a cast for a long time then taking it off its going to look whi
      ter then the rest of your body give it time to blend

    • The Unknown Avatar says:

      You are correct. It’s not because of the baby oil. That would have washed off the first time you washed your face. It’s not that the coverup won’t apply, it’s just not dark enough to cover the brighter skin on your brow. The new skin that was revealed after the waxing has been covered by hair so it is much lighter than the rest of the skin because it hasn’t been exposed to the sun yet. That’s why the color of coverup you’re using on the rest of your face won’t match your eyebrow area. You will need to use a darker coverup in that area until you get some color back in the skin.

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