• When I wear eye makeup ‘gunk’ gathers in the corner of my eye!?

    How can I stop this from happening? the gunk is kinda black/grey because of the mascara.

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    3 thoughts on “When I wear eye makeup ‘gunk’ gathers in the corner of my eye!?

    • de chocolate says:

      happens to me to. dont worry. just take off the mascara every night and put on more in the morning. clean your eyes really good =]

    • <3 Ping-Ping-licious <3 says:

      happens to all of us, hon.
      every now and then just use your finger and wipe the corners or under your eyes, where the black stuff tends to get to :)

    • Baby---g says:

      Happens to me ALL the time! Grrr. it’s so annoying ¬. ¬

      The thing is with me it happens before I’ve even finished doing my eyes (I dont even put that much on) :L

      What I do is keep cotton buds in my make up bag so whenever the corner gets clumpy I just wipe put my cotton bud and gently clear away the gunk.

      Oh and always wipe ALL make up off before going to bed!

      Dw, you’re not alone(unless it’s just us two, LOL)
      Hope I helped :]

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