• what makeup suits brown hair,pale skin but pink cheeks and blue/grey eyes?

    Hey,I have emptied out my makeup bag and now I need some help choosing the right things! I have medium brown hair that is almost to my shoulders,grey/blue eyes and quite pale skin,but very pink cheeks (I’ve never needed to buy blusher!). Can anyone help please?

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    2 thoughts on “what makeup suits brown hair,pale skin but pink cheeks and blue/grey eyes?

    • Turri Island says:

      Pink eyeshadow (think cotton candy color) will make your eyes pop :) A nice dark kohl eyeliner is a must-have, and some clear/lightly pigmented lip gloss. . . also invest in a good mascara, it’ll make a ton of difference :D

    • Becki says:

      It seems that I have exactly the same features as you! :)

      I’ve found neutrals on the eyes suit everyone, so they’re a must have! Especially the more golden colours and coppery shades for blue eyes, they really make the eyes pop! Sometimes, black eyeliner can seem a little harsh too, so go for a darker brown! The great thing with a neutral eye is that you can make it more dramatic if you need it for the night time! And adding a bit more liner can transform a look instantly!

      If you wanted a more colorful eye, I’d recommend peaches! It may sound strange, but using a colour at the opposite end of the spectrum really works, e. g) green eyes use purples! Make sure you don’t use too dark shades though, as it might make you look washed out!

      Face: I’m not sure if you wanted foundation tips etc. but I think the pale look is lovely so avoid using bronzer unless it’s summertime! Try your best to find a foundation that matches your skin tone (I know it’s difficult, I have yet to find the perfect shade!) and keep it minimal when you can as you have such pigmented cheeks! If you ever did want to invest in a blush, corals and rose pinks look lovely with fair skin-tones!

      Lips: Of course, this depends on whether you’re doing an everyday look or a night look. I find nude colours wash me out so much and I never wear them! I have pigmented lips anyway, so I tend not to use lighter pinks as it just doesn’t work for me, but if your lips aren’t as bright as mine light pinks and corals (similar to the blush shades) look really nice! Apparently, the perfect shades are always two shades darker than your natural lip colour! Of course, you can mix things up by buying matte lipsticks which are on trend right now!

      If you want to be a bit more dramatic, I love a bright red lip! But if that’s not for you, brighter pinks look great too! Avoid browns, they’re very unflattering! Remember though, outlining your lips is very important when using more pigmented colours as you don’t want your lipstick bleeding!

      I hope this helps! :)

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