• what makeup can i use to cover up my face when it goes red?

    I have a presentation evening where i have to go up in front of loads of people and collect a certificate. trouble is i know im going to go really really red as i hate standing up in front of people and i go red really easily. what make up can i use that will hide the redness.
    Please help

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    10 thoughts on “what makeup can i use to cover up my face when it goes red?

    • Lortl says:

      a paper bag would be best!

    • Torrie W says:

      Dermablend: http://shop. ebay. co. uk/?_from=R40&_trksid=m38&_nkw=dermablend

    • Rachel Xoxo says:

      Make up can’t cover that, but you can use some kind of lotion like coco butter or I know clinique has this cream that reduces redness. Use one or the other twice a day, and hopefully when you go to do your speech you won’t turn red.

      GOOD LUCK!

    • Kate M says:

      There is an amazing makeup you can get in some chemists, but mainly online. Its called camoflauge make-up. It comes in a little compact with about 20 shades of different tones, you have to mix them to match your own skin tone (easier than it sounds) and it covers EVERYTHING!! From moles to spots to red marks caused by blushing.
      It really works and usually wears off after 3 weeks, unless you scrub it off.

    • EYE says:

      I have a very good tip !! TANNING BED is the best thing you can do, go tan your self for at least two times before you have the presentation and none can tell if you cheeks are red or not , If you don’t like to tan yourself then use a darker makeup and brown blush to cover it good. It wont be as efficient as tanning thou

    • S o p h i i a ,, x says:

      Foundation – works for me

      put it on quite thick though ;)
      (not too thick! lol)

    • Savannah says:

      physicians formula organic wear concealer in “soft green”

      www. organicwearmakeup. com

      i’ve saw it on someone who has red face and it work!

    • Rockabella says:

      green conceiler and then foundation over the top. green cancells out red

    • JULiAiSQUEEN:] says:

      omgsh i have the same exact problem!
      but i finally found a solution.
      put liquid fountation all ovr your face.
      then apply more to the places were it gets the most red.
      and allsoo put powder cover up on.
      and cary the powder around with you.
      u can put light pink blush on that will ovr power the red

      also theres this thing you can by at walgreens and its grreen and it consils out the red because the green is the opposite color of red:]

    • mustafa g says:

      i think the makeup can’t hide any inner feelings reflects so u should overcome this by encouregment or avoid embarrassing situations. . . . . . . . . . . . thanks

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