• sometimes when i wear makeup it looks like i have a moustache can u help?

    the foundation is the right colour but if i put a little more powder on my upper lip to cover a scar it looks like i have a faint moustache. i have dark haor, but you cant normally see any of my facial hair. . . .
    my facial hair isnt thick. . . it just shows up sometimes!!

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    7 thoughts on “sometimes when i wear makeup it looks like i have a moustache can u help?

    • mygoldenstate23@yahoo.com says:

      i think u need a razor

    • Nida says:

      Don’t put the powder on at all

    • Dexter says:

      experiment with your makeup, i was in a car accident and got a blue eye, i applied my makeup and then used an aye colour that suited my skin colour, smudge it a little and practise it till you get it right, it works.

    • Sam says:

      It’s because any makeup will accentuate the smallest baby hairs on you upper lip.
      If you must put makeup on you upper lip, wax thoroughly on a weekly basis. Or if you have the funds do the laser-hair removal.
      Also, use a yellow based concealer. I recommend the ones in the pot from MAC.
      Don’t feel unattractive over this. It is a common problem.

    • specterez says:

      use parafin wax to stick the hair to your lip then cover with foundation if you dont want to have it plucked or removed in fear it will grow back or extreme high lighting technique

    • nonnie says:

      Use a little good quality concealer on your scar, do not apply it thickly, then put on your foundation. You need to use a powder that is one tone lighter than your skin and very lightly dab it on with your powder brush. Lighter shades minimise, darker shades accentuate.

    • Feinschmecker says:

      Get a top-quality men’s electric razor like a Norelco. Even a light moustache will show up badly if you wear makeup.

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