• why or how does dirt get under your finger nails even when not doing dirty work?

    even seems to appear over night

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    7 thoughts on “why or how does dirt get under your finger nails even when not doing dirty work?

    • Tarynn says:

      Because we live in a dirty world.

    • Dufman says:

      I noticed that too. . . . . . think it is a fungus.

    • Raphu says:

      Maybe use toilet paper?

    • Super Admin says:

      Your fingers have the ability to produce fecal matter, especially while in an unconcious state. Fecal matter, in more common terms, known as “poop” is nothing to worry about, and can easily be removed using everyday soap and water.

    • 3ltono says:

      It comes from the hair, if u use any styling product your hair becoms “sticky”when you go trough it with your fingers you will pick up some of the stuff in ur hair

    • Beauty.No.Bother says:

      There is so much dirt in the world, bacteria, dead skin, to name only a couple.
      There is no solution to this problem because there isn’t anything specific you are doing.
      Unfortunately something as simple as scratching your face or arm in your sleep will leave a residue of dead skin under your fingernails. Dirt under the fingernails can come from, making food, tidying up, applying make-up, a variety of everyday tasks really.
      The best way to keep control of this problem is to ensure you clean under your finger nails, thoroughly, everyday and evening and keep your hands clean throughout the day.

      Hope that helps.

    • Daisy .x says:

      you might scratch yourself when your asleep, and you sweat while your asleep so the dirt under your nails might be a mixture between sweat and skin? or just dirt from the day

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