• Why does my nail cracks in exactly the same spot each time?

    I had nails manicured for twelve years now and for as long as my right thumb nail is divided into exactly the same place. It is on the finger is not the end, what causes this?

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    14 thoughts on “Why does my nail cracks in exactly the same spot each time?

    • rahul s says:

      the use of oil

    • gabrielenebroski says:


    • intelligentbutdizzy says:

      Probably something you do.

    • el.tuco says:

      the world is a joke, you

    • ahdunno says:

      it is weak there, you should keep that one short, stick a fake over

    • cujo2368 says:

      Hun I have same problem and no matter wot people say you can not do something about it I’ve been told so many things to do for my nails and it breaks again, I still havent found NE Thing to help if you do plz let me asbl good luck

    • angelw/brkwingcrookedhalo says:

      you could damage your years had the thumbnail and it is not made or remember, but sometimes can cause nail fungus too. I would’nt recommend putting acrylic nails on her and perhaps consult your doctor about this. You may also be lacking vitamins.

    • Mary-Kate L says:

      Sometimes you have weak nails because your lack of calcium, you may have more dairy products and / or use is “strengthening nail polish.

    • robynsbeauty says:

      You’ve damaged your way back to nail below the cuticle. This results in a division that continues to go right down to the cuticles pointe.Je see that much. best thing you can do if it is slight Th is buff the nails regularly to emilinate any roughness. This will prevent you from hitting the nail on the materials and flaking worse. When Buffin Make sure you use a chamois soft and do that 1-2 times per month, depending on the thickness of the nail. You should also ask how the new cuticle oil into the cuticle. This will help the condition of the nail as it grows so it will not be as fragile.Appliquer a base coat or clear coat of nail polish for protection supplĂ©mentaire.C is a common problem. Maybe you’ve got your finger stuck in a door. The thing is, he proably still there, but at least you can reduce the severity of the problem following these treatments base.Bonne luck.

    • bashyb06 says:

      Because of its weak attempt to use it is quite nail polish.

    • dominic2579 says:

      as has been said of an accident or infection could be to blame, or it could simply be genetic and “lit” by a typical American diet: hamburgers, etc. Cola, whose vast sugar turns on genes predispose us to the bone and hair problems, which often is reflected in the nails. Nails often suffer from a lack of calcium (found in milk, or taking a supplement), vitamin D and E. Try to eat oily fish like salmon, mackerel, out in the sun and take a mineral supplement too, but not too often. .

    • mel says:

      treat them once or twice a week with olive oil and lemon’s very good. . worked on mine good luck

    • Samantha T says:

      at some point you have damaged the cuticle and will probably continue to split.

    • xxx-brat-xxx says:

      nail weakness is obviously a weak point of departure to the nails using nail strengthener, you can get fairly cheap boots and Superdrug

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