• Why do my nails and hair grow soooooo slow??

    and how can I help? (if possible)

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    6 thoughts on “Why do my nails and hair grow soooooo slow??

    • .bec. says:

      hair grows at the rate it grows u can’t fight it. . . just go with the flow!

    • smileface says:

      Perchaps more calcium might help for your nails and specific vitamins for hair and skin.

    • Kelly S says:

      It’s genetics. There’s nothing you can really do about it. Multivitamins may help. But, work with what you’ve got and take care of your hair and nails knowing that they grow slowly.

    • Jani says:

      Well I’ve heard that if you cut hair more, it grows quicker? I don’t know though. Its just like if you shave or wax, it grows back longer and thicker. . . LOL. I have not much idea though. My aunt had her hair shaved when she was a baby and her hair grows heaps quick.

    • Nona says:

      It is either because of you genes or because of your diet

      And I would guess it is your diet

      So, first you have to know that hair and nails grow faster if you eat right!

      So you start changing your diet; eat lots fruits and vegetables specially green veg. you can make it a habit buy eating salad and fruits whenever possible or even as snacks or desserts.

      Another important factor is protein, Since hair is protein, a diet that is too low in protein may cause some reduction in hair growth. So eat eggs, fish, beans, yogurt. . . etc.

      Moreover, I have started taking Cod liver oil that contains Vitamin A E & D that is helpful for healthy hair and nails<<

      Now we move to the external hair program.

      Oil your hair, use olive/ mustard and or sesame oil, these are really helpful for hair so as coconut oil. I use a mixture of them and apply on my hair once a week or twice on maximum (Take some time to take care of your hair at least once a week)

      My secret tip is adding rosemary powder to the oil that i use on my hair; rosemary stimulate hair growth!

      OK, If you want to grow your hair, you have to stop damaging it by heat! I used to blow dry my hair a lot till it was almost dead, but i put an ed to that by getting a trim and starting to take care of it and i never used heat since then

      My hair is wavy and its ok to be natural( straight doesnt always means pretty)

      OK, something that is really important that you have to do is

      Massaging your scalp vigorously more than once a day

      please do that a lot massaging really helps the blood circulation which promotes hair growth

      since i have started massaging my hair i have noticed great difference in my hair

      So please just follow these tip and hopefully your hair will grow

      oh, and you can ask your doctor for some vitamins if you would like

      Hope this helps

    • naturalhair88 says:

      For Hair – You need to pay attention to your diet. Lack of proteins and vitamin B6, A, C, E always aggravates hair fall. Plus the deodorant you use should be free of chemicals because many deodorants contain led and other chemicals which close the pores and the body is not able
      e to get rid of toxins and these toxins in the system create acidity and weaken hair follicles. Do look at a website www. ziravie. com which has a chart of fruits and vegetables which is a great help for hair growth plus there are reasons for hair fall explained.

      As for nails – Lack of calcium causes weak nails and slow growth

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