• What should i do to make my nails hard?

    i have very soft nails and they are always breaking, which coz a lot of pain sometimes.

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    26 thoughts on “What should i do to make my nails hard?

    • anatevkamae says:

      Sally Hansen makes a great top coat called “Hard As Nails” and it is available in practically any drug store and is only $4. Apply that daily, and remove it all with a strengthening polish remover once a week, and you should have strong beautiful nails in no time at all!

    • Mary777 says:

      Some people say to put garlic on your nails and it will make them grow out strong.

    • Firestar says:

      this may sound silly but since your nails are bones drinking milk does harden them and so does painting them even if it just a clear nailpolish

    • Pups says:

      Raw jelly,also there are products you can buy that are like acrylic substances that you put on like nail varnish(from Boots) which are really good.

    • mindy_girl_rocks says:

      i suggest you eat a lot of protein based food like meat, chiken, fish, milk and tofu. You should also drink a lot of water and consider taking vitamin suplements. Nails need protein to grow hard and fast. A hardening nail polish would not hurt either. . . and always carry a nail filer with you in the case that you need one. . . that’s what I do. . .

    • farleyjackmaster says:

      I find that rubbing hand cream onto them as well as your hands helps mine :o)

    • Scooter says:

      prenatal vitamins. . . i dont have kids but i take those vitamins because they have the perfect amount of everything girls need and overnight your nails will get stronger. . your hair will even grow faster.

    • summerhill says:

      give them viagra

    • Treadstone says:

      Tips for making your nails more resilient:

      Stop using a nail clipper and only use a nail file to shape and shorten them. Protect nails with thicker moisturizers.

      Nail clippers can cause the layers of the nail to separate and filing is the best way to go.

      Use Revlon’s disposable files made for weak nails. File in one direction only. Start on one side and file towards the middle, then go to the other side and file towards the middle of your nail. Smooth the nail into a squoval that mirrors you cuticle or the shape of the white part of your nail bed.

      Finish the edges of the nail with a hindo stone, a smooth ceramic/stone nail file or the finest grit nail file you can find. You want to make the edges really smooth.

      Also, avoid using metal nail files. I recommend using disposable nail files and changing them frequently. The fresher the grit, the less the drag which leads to tearing and peeling.

      Some people swear by glass nail files but they can shatter if dropped.

      I also use a cuticle balm or nail oil to moisturize my nails and protect them from water since I wash my hands frequently.
      (ex. Solar Oil, OPI Avoplex)

      Vit E oil, jojoba oil, Aquaphor Healing Ointment, Vaseline or plain Chapstick will work too.

    • chazzywazzy127 says:

      when they start to grow, cut them slightly, so that they’re never very long. After you keep doing this, every time they re-grow, they will start hardening. That will work, but if it’s not enough, i suggest using a naill hardening product; i use sally hanson’s [i think that's the name] nail hardening gloss. It also gives yours nails a bit of shine, so they look good aswell. Hope it works well xx

    • P.I. says:

      Me too ,so I drink lots of milk,put cheese on every thing,and you can get pure gelatin powder [ ask any bakery where it is ] and soak you’re nails in a bowl of it in warm water and start eating jello alot. . . . you can even have fun with jello –it calls for one cup boiling water and one cold —substitute the cup of cold water, with a cup of vodka, makes eating jello more fun and you strengthen your nails

    • sanny says:

      Eat jelly cubes . This was a doctors advice many years ago.

    • selina says:

      pls try fresh lemon , rub a piece of lemon on our nails twice a day and within a week u will see the difference

    • xelhastar says:

      Hi, there are alot of nail hardeners out there, that you paint on liek nail varnish.
      I would also recommend using a hand and nail cream and if you wear nail varnish get one with a hardener or conditioner in and use a nail varnish remover with conditioners in to strengthen and harden the nail, Cutex ones are good. Also make sure you have enought vitamins in your body, as you might be lacking something. You can always got to the doctors and see what he/she recommends.

    • susan r says:

      . Go to the store and get yourself some HARD as NAILS by Sally Hansen, Its by the nail produces, Then STOP biting then, Give then time to heal and let them grow out. You may of damage the area down at the base of the cuticle.

    • ScorpGirl6 says:

      OPI Nail Envy

    • Ying Q says:

      Same thing happened to me, The best you can do is to get an art nails. they make you hands look beautiful, and good quality ones will never break.

      You don’t need spend much money to go to salon to do them, you can simplly get one from here and spend 20 minutes to stick it on:
      http://www. windflower-ying. co. uk/nails. h. . .

      Only Spend 20 minutes a week, and you can get different every week.

    • Angie says:

      yup try sally hansen hard as nails, It’s brilliant

    • huffy says:

      Arouse them, works for guys!!!! he he he

    • dymps says:

      Use “Sally Hansen Hard as nails” It comes in clear, or clear with a tint of pink.

    • milli0n_dollar_babii says:

      get plenty of nutrients!!!!!

    • minnie says:

      Eat a cube of jelly everyday and your nails will soon be a lot stronger

    • aimee lew says:

      clear nail hardening vanish and put lots of hand cream on

    • somi says:

      soak them in milk

    • aladymom says:

      Use a nail hardener and in the meantime take some good vitamin and mineral supplements. A MSM supplement is very good for hair and nails. Also use a hand cream for hand and nails. Check web site for ForMor International.

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