• What household things can I put on my nails to make them grow faster and biting nails?

    So I bite my nails, and the skin around it. I hate it, but its hard to stop. They are really bad, is there any household things I could use to fix them up a little, maybe make them stronger/ grow faster and to neaten them up or somthing?

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    5 thoughts on “What household things can I put on my nails to make them grow faster and biting nails?

    • Stevie-Lyn says:

      Rub them with olive oil, drinking gelatin (I know it sounds weird but gelatin works wonders for hair and nails), drinking a lot of milk, massaging nails and cuticles with a moisturizing lip balm, rubbing lemons or lemon juice on nails, soaking nails in orange juice, and having a Vitamin E tablet every few days.

    • Lizzy(: says:

      go to the drugstore and buy hard as nails for your nail. it makes them grow better. i bite my nail/skin around them all the time too.
      i get manicures sometimes and it make them look better plus you dont want to buy them. but just paint them or put the hard as nails on it so you dont want to bite them.

    • Cookie Crunch says:

      I have the EXACT same problem. Go to the drug store and buy an anti bite nail polish. It’s clear and tast like crap so you don’t bite your nails (put on the skin around your nails too). When i first bought it, I wanted to see if it was as bad as people say it was. . . That was something i will NEVER do again!!! I nearly puked and I couldn’t get the horrible tast out for and hour! My nails were really long untill I ran out of the nail polish. . . I’m getting braces soon, and when you have braces, you can’t bite your nails! No matter how hard you try, your nails won’t get bittin:)

    • B says:

      Although all of these methods may work the cheapest and easiest method is to stop washing your hands.

      It takes less than a week to cure nail biting. and you can go back to washing your hands once you’re not doing it anymore.

      You put them to your face and go “OMFG YUCK”

    • AngelaS says:

      heeeeey , whaasup
      if you lotion daily your nails will be long trust me

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