• What are fun activities to do with the 3-12 age girls spa party?

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    Either way their are some fun activities. You can make it more attractive to implement to dress up and have a fashion show


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    I am establishing my own business doing spa parties for girls and I have a system I would use. When half the girls are getting their manicures and make-up and the other half is getting their pedicures and facials, what would be some of the activities I can engage them in when I’m with a group either?

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    • Nonamebrand says:

      Do you already have training / experience working with children? babysitting certification course first aid and CPR? Training as a makeup artist / manicurist, etc.? I recommend all of these before starting your own business involving children and makeovers! If you do not already have them, get all the certifications necessary in lako.Inaweza it easier to hire someone else and have them do half of the spa, because you do not want to leave children unsupervised, and young girls tend to get jealous if someone else is getting something they are not, even if it will get in the next few minutes: PKama for activities to do in between, if you do go this route, I suggest coloring books (picture royal ballerinas, Barbie, etc.) dress up, some kind the dolls, maybe some type of project construction (lego, k-nex, etc.) (for girls who are a tad less girly: P) cupcake mapambo.Kama you want to do a theme party and (Hawaii princesses, animals, etc.) can extend from there and think of games that relate to the theme :) Good luck and have fun! :)

    • . says:

      Look up the recipe for homemade facial so girls can do facials and bring them home after. Also, you can paint nails or do something girly like that!

    • LN says:

      Why 3 years old need to face? or manicures and pedicures for that matter … Leather 3-year-olds’ is reviewed at the speed of light!

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