• Please tell me when removing acrylic nails how long do you soak them in acetone or do you just rub them off?

    I’ve soaked them and rubbed them for the past two days and my fingers are getting sore. . . . . and yes. . . . it is 100% technical acetone I’ve been using. Just can’t help but wonder how long does this process normally take, considering the damage it has already done to my natural fingernails. Please help!!!!!!!

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    5 thoughts on “Please tell me when removing acrylic nails how long do you soak them in acetone or do you just rub them off?

    • Child Of God says:

      You have to soak them for hours. . . . . in enough acetone to completly cover the nail

      While they are soaking you can rub them back and forth under the solution and they should be completly off in like 3 hours

      P. s its so not worth it to pay to ruin your nails. . . . start taking care of your natural nails. . . . its fun and you dont run the risk of Blood infections. . . and fungus. . .

      Yeah they dont clean those tools per person and somebody has to have HIV. . . . so just dont go

    • Shannon M says:

      Soak them for about 10 minutes

    • jaimejunebug05 says:

      I’ve tried that method before. It sucks! Yea, it will take a while. What I did to try to speed up the process is I took a Q-tip and rubbed the nail while they were soaking. My fingers were killing me too! They get freezing b/c of the acetone and then all sore because you are rubbing them. However, I would rather sit in front of a movie and let them soak and work on them than popping them straight off (painful!). Hope this helps!

    • seorph says:

      My wife just had her nails removed and it took 30 minutes at the nail salon. Probably worth the $20 it cost her and her nails look great.

    • DonnaBee says:

      Oh my gosh, please go and get them removed at the salon where you had them applied. They will know the exact product line that they used for the application, and will know the product that will remove them the most efficiently with the least amount of further damage to your own natural nails.

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