• oily nails???

    lately ive been painting my nails but within a day the nail polish peels off, it just comes off in one peice.
    my mum said that my nails might be too oily.
    ive used both cheap and expensive nail polish and ive tried putting nailpolish remover on them before painting.

    would anyone know what the problem could be?
    or what i can try?

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    8 thoughts on “oily nails???

    • Jennifer says:

      okay i have had huge problems with my nails
      i went from really crappy brittle nails (post-acrylic stage) to long healthy nails which I PAINT MYSELF (thank you very much) on a regular basis.
      it took a while for me to understand all the dumb stuff I was doing wrong, as well as some talks with nail technicians. . . but
      i figured it out and i’m here to share the secret.

      your problem can be caused by many different factors so
      here’s what you should be doing
      -get all your nail polishes out and ready for use
      -if you have polish already on your nails, remove it
      -rinse your nails
      -trim your nails and file
      -wash your nails THOROUGHLY!!! use soap, use whatever to make them clean, clean
      -apply a clear base coat (i use sally hansen top and base coat in one and it works fabulously*best out of all i’ve tried)
      -base coat dries relatively quickly, so immediately after that, apply a first coat of your color- don’t wait too long or else the polish won’t adhere as well (as I was told)
      -apply a second coat of that color
      -let dry and don’t smear before you. . .
      -apply a clear top finishing coat (again, base and top coat I mentioned work SO well)
      -make sure everything dries

      sally hansen does not leave those ugly bubbles
      i can wear my polish for a week + before it starts chipping. I usually change it because it’s so easy now that I know how.

      Wooo! I hope i helped.
      the cause of your peeling was probably a combination of having not cleaned your nails well enough before applying polish, not using a base or top coat, and putting on polish remover before you painted them.

      if you use polish remover before you paint, theres no way your manicure is going to last a long time.
      good luck!

    • livethelifeilove says:

      Honestly, at shoots during hot days in the sun as everything is falling apart, for oily nails, I’ve used astringents like Sea Breeze or other kinds of astringents that are not emollient based. It’s trick used in makeup to provide longevity. Buff the nail bed so it’s smooth, wash the hands and nails really well with a deep cleansing wash like a facial wash for oily skins. Use an astringent on the nails, let ‘em dry and toss on your polish regimen. The last thing that I wanna think about is how to hold onto the nail polish but proper prep work alleviates alot of loss and prolongs the wear. Hope this helps as it’s helped me bunches on shoots, shows, events and such.

    • nailpro91 says:

      The problem is more than likely that you are not cleaning the nail before applying the polish. I personally use ScrubFresh by Creative Nail Design before applying polish to my clients. I’m not sure you can buy that product with a license. If you can’t then I would recommend using polish remover first (one with no moisturizers in it). Then apply a base coat then your polish.

    • Mary says:

      My gel nails came off a couple days after i had them done. The manicurist said I must have oily nails. Anyone heard of this?

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