• My nails grow fast but the shape is very wierd One side slanting dwn the other side its fine. Plz help?

    My nails grow fast, but thats not an issue. The way it grow, the shape is very wierd. One side its fine the other side its bending / slanting. I want it to grow fine and in a better way. I file my nails in an appropriate way but still its shape is very wierd. Plz help

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    6 thoughts on “My nails grow fast but the shape is very wierd One side slanting dwn the other side its fine. Plz help?

    • HotShotC92 says:

      cut them not completely but leave them a little longer on the side that slants down
      and file your nails to even them out

    • Misty Massacre says:

      The best way is to clip them I do mine so they are squared off which makes them look professionally done. The best wy to avoid weird angles is to clip them when they first start growing so they will grow upwards to the pattern they were clipped in.

    • reenie162000 says:

      file them

    • Rachel says:

      hey monica — the way to really resolve this is get a full set of acrylic nails at any nail shop. there are about a million of them all around. after the first few touch-ups you can do the touchups yourself if cash is short and you pay attention to what thye do.

      acrylics will set things to right for you. they’ll be balanced, shaped, super smooth, really tough and indestructable. honestly you’ll love the improvement.

      i’ve got acrylics and they’re here to stay because they look SO good. PLEASE trust me and try them. you’ll honestly love em

    • BrittanyD says:

      I have two toenails (teh second toe on each foot) that the nail looks fine on one end but the other end it’s in an L shape sort of. It goes up and straight down into the side of my toe. V——–) if that makes sense. Look at it like the toe is upside down. The V is the weird wonky part of the nail and the —– is the regular normal nail going across the toe.

      Anyway. I don’t know of anything that can fix it other than letting it grow out and hope it fixes itself. Good luck with your nail issue.

    • BrittanyD says:

      it cut the example off


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