• Is it true that acrylic nails ruin your own nails (and other q’s about nails)?

    I have always bitten my nails, and they look horrible!
    I am going to be a bridesmaid for my friend next year, and don’t want to ruin the good look with my nails.

    Do they ruin your own nails?
    Does it hurt to have them done?
    Roughly how much do they cost?
    How often do you have to have them done?

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    8 thoughts on “Is it true that acrylic nails ruin your own nails (and other q’s about nails)?

    • Lily says:

      Yes they do ruin your nails. I have bad nails also and I get them done. And no it doesnt hurt to have them done. Your first time it will feel weird. But it shouldnt hurt. And I belive its prob. around 30-40$ in costs. I would get them done every 1 in ahalf to 2 months ,
      Good Luck.

    • singing songs in the shower says:

      I am as scared to try them as you seem to be, I don’t want to ruin my already stupid broken bitten nails. I hate my nails, I don’t know but I hope you get a good answer.

    • Chesssyy says:

      i use to have them done all the time and yes they make your nails weak and like have loads of ridges, it hurts sometimes depend were you get them done and how they do them the cost around £30 and you have them done about every 4 or weeks but to be honest why not try gel nails they dont ruin your nails they are near enough the same as acrylic nails but they dont ruin you own nails

      i should know from expirence :L

    • Beuanny Berainded ☺ says:

      Just have a pedicure done with some flowery pastel nail colours. Acrylic nails are painful when you have to take them off. ~X(

    • Mendria says:

      They will, because after they have been on for a while and start to look bad, you will just need to almost peel them off before they rip off, then your nails will be very thin. I have done it many times! I recommend using Burts Bees cubical creme for your nails, it works Wonders!

    • Katherine S says:

      They do ruin your nails
      But the damaged part eventually
      Grows out.

      It doesnt hur to have it done =]

      It costs around 25-35 dollars, I think

      You get em done as often as you like
      Most people get em re done after 2-3 weeks.

      Acrylics are fun. =]

    • loveblack says:

      yes they do ruin your nails, as well as painting your nails, because your nails are porous like your skin, you know how if you leave a band-aid on for like two days and then take it off, your skin is all gross, well the acrylic and the nail polish kind of seals in the holes in your nails, so you don’t get much nutrients there so when your old and blah, your nails will match your age, they’ll get all wrinkly but if you do it for a wedding or something once and a while, it won’t hurt (that much). as for the cost, anywhere from 10 bucks to like 200. I never get my nails done, i just paint them black. which yes i know it’s just as bad but i like black as my profile name says.

    • Lady says:

      Yes, the glue ruins your nails. No it doesn’t hurt to have them done. It really depends were you go. I would say either every week or or two. I don’t use fake nails a lot because, as i said, they DO ruin your nails.

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