• Is it safe to use super glue to put false nails on with?

    i no it will make my nails weak ect dont care bout that as long as its not dangerous in any other way? and yes i no befor people tell me you get nail glue with them but there all pretty crap tbh and never last for me so im going to try super glue so any advice people can give me would be great thanks x
    i no i asked this question earlier but jst want more opinions x

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    10 thoughts on “Is it safe to use super glue to put false nails on with?

    • Bootsy says:

      Not if you don’t want fake nails on for a looong time

    • Beauty Guru ♥ says:

      Nail glue = Super Glue
      They both contain the SAME active ingredients, which is either cyanoacrylate, or ethyl cyanoacrylate – depending on the brand (some may contain cyanoacrylate esters instead, it depends). Compare the labels of any so-called ‘nail’ glues to any brand of ‘super’ glues, and you will see this for yourself. Just a simple clarification, thats all.

      Having said that, the answer is yes, you can use ‘super’ glue on press on nails. Or you can use nail glue. No difference between the two.

      Is it safe to use? Yes. But it is possible that there could be some damage to your natural nails if you forcibly remove the press on nails, or if they come off from accidently banging them, etc. And this could happen no matter what your choice of glue is. The damage could range from minor (tearing a few layers of your nail off, which is most likely to occur – ouch!) to major damage (ripping part, or all of your natural nail completely off – much less likely to happen, though still possible – major pain in this case!). To minimize any possible damage to your natural nails, apply a coat of clear polish prior to applying the press on nails. Let it dry completely before applying the press on nails. The polish will form a barrier between your natural nails, and the glue. This will also make them come off easier when it comes time to remove them, and will protect them if they come off accidently for whatever reason . But, if you want to keep them for a while, then don’t use the clear polish, but then, the risk of damage increases! So, its really a trade off. But, do be careful with them either way, and you should be just fine. I hope that helps.

    • Dave B says:


    • Lauren says:

      When you use super glue a bunch of gunky stuff will build up under your nails, causing an infection. This is the hardened glue being exposed to the germs of pretty much everything you touch. And with super glue your nails will be on for a long time. So the longer you have them on the more gunk builds up. and when they do finally come off it will hurt like hell because the hardened glue mixed with gunky stuff will be stuck to your nail and your false nail so you’ll have to pull really hard and you could suffer from pulling part of your actual nail off.

      In other words, BAD IDEA

    • Krrrristen says:

      ive done it :) its safe, just as long as you use a solvent to get it off or else it will ruin your nail (as with all nail glues) and be careful if it gets on your skin, if you bite your nails you don’t wanna eat the glue!! that would be horrible for you.

    • Joan says:

      NO! Very stupid idea! The nails will be stuck on your nails for a very long time! I would not do that because you will really hate it. You will get sick of the nails and they will get uncomfortable.

    • Dalton says:

      If you do want to remove them just use Acetone. Your fake nail will come right off along with the Super Glue.Whaaa Laaa problem fixed!

    • blablabla says:

      did you do and did it work because i need to for this weekend but i dunno if i t will work:L

    • Summer says:

      I use superglue to put on fake nails all the time. My nails usually stay on for a week or two and then I just clean them and re-apply the glue and the nails. I have never had any infections or problems whatsoever.

    • Chorissa says:

      I have a biting problem so i have worn fake nails since i was 15 and now im 26. About a year ago i switched to super glue and my fake nails lasted way longer but just recently my nails have become destroyed, they are always in pain and they are green colored with an odor to them. And yet i still use it..=/ i wouldnt use it for a long period of time but it doesnt hurt for here and there (events) or what not..

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