• Is It Okay For Men To Have French Tips Put On Their Nails?

    Im a 21 year old guy and want a french manicure with french tips put on. Is that odd?
    I also want my toe nails nice and sexy as well!
    Im a gay guy as well

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    40 thoughts on “Is It Okay For Men To Have French Tips Put On Their Nails?

    • Jessica says:

      No ones stopping you, but it would be strange.

    • Éan says:

      Never, EVER!!
      Mascara yes, plucking eyebrows yes, filing and shaping nails yes – french manicure NO!!!

    • dontlookatmeishy says:

      yeah thats cool! I do my bfs nails. . . . although he pretends to fight it. . . he loves it really!!

    • fireman sam says:

      only if a girl is there with you, and its a jokey kinda thing. . .

      if you are deadly serious about doing it on your own. . . seek help. . .

      nah man just kidding, if thats what you want, then do it, you can do whatever you like! :-)

    • cheesypeeps says:

      Hmmm, not my cup of tea but
      whatever takes your fancy!
      Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

    • Steph says:

      I would find it odd. Clean, well-groomed nails are nice. That’s overboard, in my opinion. But do whatever you like, it’s your body!

    • littlesister121 says:

      thats pretty weird. I don’t think you should do it.

    • Jax says:

      It’s your body! Why not?? Don’t fancy the toenails doing though!!! Ouch!! They hurt!

    • LEONARD W says:

      I guess it’s alright if that’s what you want. Certainly not my scene. But then I’m probably out of touch at age almost 75.

    • dashakatrina says:

      thats gay

    • ben c says:

      there is so much wrong with that question i dont even know where to begin, im all for looking good but seriously i think you need to step back a bit. youve crossed a line their by even knowing what a french tip is. you need sports and now.

    • joseph_hottie_girl says:

      that is wierd

    • Del Piero 10 says:

      Hope you have a great night out at the Admiral Lord Nelson.

    • Barb Outhere says:

      If your job involves manual work, then yeah kinda. If it is an office situation, or your work involves a lot of people looking at your hands e. g. jewelers (showing rings, etc. ) or where you demonstrate products to the public, then why not? French polish always looks neat. Just don’t make them too long, I don’t think that’s a real nice look on guys or girls. Besides it makes it hard to do most things if they’re too long.
      You sound metrosexual, and I haven’t a problem with guys wanting to look the best they can.

    • Monika says:

      No, honey, it is not okay. Just have your finger and toe nails nicely cut and buffed and you are good to go.

    • sweetiepie says:

      Are you gay? And no i like my guys non-gay!

    • WeNdY[aka]SiiReNa says:

      if ur a homo den ofcourse go for it but if ur not it wont b normal only if ur super hott and have a girlfriend and thar ur positive ur straight LoL

    • India K says:

      You know. . . uh. . . . if you got it, flaunt it. . . i guess

    • SANN says:

      I don’t think it’s ok.

    • Danielle M says:

      hi i dont think it would be a good idea for you to have that done as you may look to feminin but why dont u try having your nails buffed or something

    • chick_star says:

      um. . . . sure. . . go on ahead

    • Kumani says:

      its not normal, but do wat u want, its cute :)

    • LVilla says:

      better with something more. your makeup, hairstyle and dress need to look feminine and chic in order to get a harmonious and pretty look. Only having french nail doesn’t look comfortable.

    • nina says:

      Theres nothing wrong with a guy wanting to keep his nails clean, or even with painting them clear. . but getting a french manicure is going to far. . I mean its completely up to you, no one is going to stop you. . but gay or not, leave this style to the women. . please

    • Amanda♥ says:

      Sure why not. “to each their own”

    • Rex B says:

      No way! Not even if you’re gay.

    • Rebecca t says:

      Of course its OK, I love doing my boyfriends nails, I think its so cute.

    • ajay k says:

      its fine with me

    • sugarlips says:

      eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nasty you gotta relise what sex u r

      looking after your nails is fine but getting fake ones is just wrong

    • gothpunkfreak86 says:

      Well you’re gay so you can get away with it hun!

      You aren’t thinking of doing it yourself though are you? Because it takes practice not to make a mess of it. Book yourself into a salon or get a female friend to teach you how to do it.

      Who cares what others think, they’ll just be jealous that you have better nails than them!

      Definatly go get a pedicure too, makes a change to read of a man who wants to have nice feet!

    • newlooksdabest says:

      I guess if you’re gay, it wouldn’t be weird. I was worried before you said that!

    • steff says:

      your obviously a confident gay man, so what the hell go for it.

    • bobthedoguk says:

      I’m a guy & I’ve had a french manicure in the past out of curiosity and a love for that look (seriously, some women with french nails look amazing! I actually get jealous). Well, despite the nail tech being a bit weirded out but pretty cool with it, she was very complimentary when finished as were most other people I saw over the next week. I loved it and the only reason I haven’t done it again since is becasue I have been travelling & thus been broke for some time. However, I have my first nail appointment after a long hiatus this week to have a manicure again and I’ll be getting french polish on my nails again, since my nails are just past my fingertips. I love this look, it’s soo sexy and I’ve had nothing but compliments! So, go for it, maybe we can start a craze. . . ;-)

    • GoForIt says:

      I’m 50+, straight male, married with 2 children and a grandchild on the way… several months ago I went into a nail salon and had gel overlays to correct some badly chipped, split and cracked nails. My wife really liked the clean, well cared for look and asked me to let them grow out some. We go in to the salon together and both get our nails done now, her usually french tips and just fills for me, and she really likes that them at their current length of about 1/8 inch. We’ve never had any negative comments, always very positive, and the other customers in the salon frequently say they wish their husbands/boyfriends cared enough to do what I do. Others have asked/suggested/offered hints that I should get french tips and even extensions, and my wife said next time we go in she, too, wants to see what they’ll look like on me. Don’t know that I will, but maybe attitudes are changing some towards guys and their nails.

    • David grobben says:

      I am a guy and I like having girls stuff like French nails that I love them and I need to know if I can use them and I am not a gay guy

    • Sean says:

      I am a 28 year old guy, straight, and I always have French tips. I love it, once I finally decided to do it, I will never go back!

      I also have French toes all the time too, it looks great, and I get lots of compliments from guys and girls!

    • Josh says:

      Who makes up these rules? you can french your toenails if you wish, it is not gay.

    • darklink says:

      I have had a french manicure on and off for years. The only limits on stuff like this are the ones you accept. If it embarrasses you then don’t do it. I do what I want and dare anyone to say anything negative to me.

    • Sema says:

      I just got it-It’s aseowme! But the designs are definitley not meant to be looked at too closely.lol. Other than that it’s really excellent and the price is rather reasonable, I suppose.

    • Kshyne says:

      Hell no, ain’t nothing wrong with it. Matter of fact, I’m getting mine done tomorrow. Some folks have a narrow mind, pay no attention to it. They can’t get on your level lol

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