• Is it okay for men to have French tips? Planks placed on their Nails?

    Im a 21 year old man and want a manicure French? Comfortable with French tips? Ais set. Is this weird? I also want my toe nails beautiful and sexy too! Im a guy and gay

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    33 thoughts on “Is it okay for men to have French tips? Planks placed on their Nails?

    • Jessica says:

      Not those that stop you? Ter, but it would be? Trange.D:

    • Éan says:

      Never, never! Mascara Yes, yes plucking eyebrows, d? P? T and? Ration nails yes – French manicure? Ease n!

    • dontlookatmeishy says:

      yeah thats cool! I do my nails BFS. . . . Although pr? Tends fight. . . he really likes!

    • fireman sam says:

      that if a girl is? with you, and it’s something a little funny. . . If you? Your s? Ous mortal? do things on your m? me. . . ask for help. . . Nah just kidding man, if thats what you want, then do it, you can do what you want! :-)

    • cheesypeeps says:

      Hmmm, not my cup of tea?, Maistoutes your desires! Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.

    • Steph says:

      I find it? Was weird. Neat?, Well maintained nails are nice. It overboard,? my opinion. But what you want is your body!

    • littlesister121 says:

      thats pretty weird. I do not think you should.

    • Jax says:

      It’s your body! Why not? Do not make the toenails well! Ouch! They hurt!

    • LEONARD W says:

      I guess it’s good if that’s what you want. Certainly not my si? Do. But I’m probably out of the port? E? the? ge pr? s 75.

    • dashakatrina says:

      thats gay

    • ben c says:

      There are so wrong? this question, I do not know m? me not by o? First, all IM looking good, but s? riously, I think you should step back. you’ve crossed a line by their m? I know what a tip of the French language? is comfortable. you need to sport and now.

    • joseph_hottie_girl says:

      which is weird

    • Del Piero 10 says:

      I hope? I hope you have a good night? Admiral Lord Nelson.

    • Barb Outhere says:

      If your job involves manual labor, then a little yeah. If it is an office situation, or your work involves a large number of people looking at your hands e. g. jewelry (rings showing, etc.) or if you show products to the public, so why not? French Polish? ais always looks neat?. Just do not be too long, I do not think it’s a real look on Nice guys or girls. Besides, it is difficult to do things if they seem too longues.Vous m? Trosexuel, and I do not have a problem? Me with guys who want to look their best.

    • Monika says:

      No, honey, this is not correct. Just take your finger and toe nails well once? S and polite and you? Your good? do.

    • sweetiepie says:

      If you? Your gay? And no, I like my guys not gay!

    • WeNdY[aka]SiiReNa says:

      f? from a gay ofcourse there going for it, but it wont b f note that if the normal super hott and have a girlfriend and? the positive output of Thar right LoL

    • India K says:

      You know. . . um. . . . if you got it? Talaga. . . I guess

    • SANN says:

      I do not think it’s ok.

    • Danielle M says:

      Hi I DONT think it would be a good idea? E for you to have done what you can watch f? Minin, but why do not u try to have your nails polished or something

    • chick_star says:

      one. . . . s? st . . go forward

    • Kumani says:

      this is not normal, but what you do because, ITS cute:)

    • LVilla says:

      better with something more. makeup, hairstyle and costume n? stop? Look of f? minin and chic in order to obtain a harmonious and gentle look. Only the nails with the French? Ais did not look comfortable.

    • nina says:

      LMAOTheres nothing wrong with a guy who want to keep nails clean, or m? Me with their light paint. . but getting a manicure French? comfortable going too far. . I mean its enti? Rately you, nobody will stop you? Ter. . but gay or not, leave that style for women. . if you pla? t

    • Amanda♥ says:

      Although s? R why not. ?? each their own “

    • Rex B says:

      Not at all! No, ma? Me if you? Your gay.

    • Rebecca t says:

      Although s? R, its OK, I like my boyfriends nails, I think so cute.

    • ajay k says:

      it suits me

    • sugarlips says:

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh m? Song you should reread what ur sexesoins nail is good, but the fake is just wrong

    • gothpunkfreak86 says:

      Well, you? Your gay then you can get away with it hun! You do not make your m? Me if you? Your? Because it takes practice not to make a g? Chis thereof. R? Help yourself to a salon or get a friend to teach you how faire.Qui cares what others think, they left you that? ? Be jealous that you’re better than nails! Definitely get a p? Pedicure too, brings a change? read of a man who wants to have your feet!

    • newlooksdabest says:

      I suppose if you? Your gay, it would not be? Strange. I? Quiet worried before you were saying? Has!

    • steff says:

      ? Obviously a man of your trust gay, so what the hell to go.

    • bobthedoguk says:

      I’m a guy and I had a French manicure? Comfortable in the pass? ? the curios? and a love for a look (s? riously, some women with nails French? ais look? thunder! I actually jealous). Well, d? Pit of the nail tech? Be a little weirded out but pleased? T it cool with it? T? tr? s? logieux when you are finished? m? me that most people I saw during the next week. I ador? and the only reason I have not done it again since because I travel? and then? t? broken for some time. However, I have my first appointment after nail? S a long break this week for a manicure? again and I will receive fran? ais polish on my nails? Again, since my nails are just after? s my fingers. I love this look is soo sexy and I have had nothing but compliments! So go ahead, perhaps? Be we can start a v? Ritable craze. . . ;-)

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