• I need a name for my beauty salon and want it unique and interesting. ?

    I do manicures, pedicures, acrylic and gel, the design of art, ear peircing, eyebrow dyeing eyelashes /, waxing, hair removal, wax treatments and parrifin bleeching.

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    28 thoughts on “I need a name for my beauty salon and want it unique and interesting. ?

    • Adrina Blue says:

      Beauty by Design

    • mdgcats says:

      Foxy Locks

    • Marilyn B says:

      The Tortoise and the cheveuxClip and a line of beauty by contactSecrets _Your Name_Bellisima SalonAmbition Blond – beauty from head to piedsCuts creative plusHigh Maintenance Hair and Nails — (I like it) Living Mirror MirrorPersonal Touch salon in beautéSalon Roots Hair Shears and onglesArgent SalonTalk of the Town Hair and Nail and Hair channel2 Die 4 OnglesUn new lounge-Unique Hair Boutique VousB — (and it) SalonSalon Face Framer’s Golden Touch Hair and Nail “Hello Gorgeous!” Hair and Hair Loft Salon onglesLe

    • cinnamon says:

      perhaps look for something in a different language to give ideas u.Par example, a beauty salon in the Italian beauty salon would

    • pinky85 says:

      What beautylisous.

    • Brandon M says:

      ADONIS SHOW — Adonis was a beautiful Greek god who was completely fashionable. . . . since you are providing services that help people look better and show how they can be beautiful. . . why not come to your place to experience Adonis? Good luck!

    • Fantom Doughnut Eater says:

      Some suggestions: Outside of BeautéPeinture emploiDestination PerfectionFree Doughnuts + Manicure Here! VousVous New Old, new styleTouch up & Go! Times NemesisÂge not to fear!

    • shalei says:

      “You, Art & Beauty” This sums up the whole.

    • MzDeeLicious says:

      Pure Bliss, because that is what you provide. luck.

    • raja varsheni says:

      you can name silky SKIN OR LOOKS trends or the name or your nickname.

    • Andy H says:

      Eye of the Beholder.

    • tinyhouse says:

      Shop ArabesquesAphroditiesLa VénusAll About Youle grain beautéBooty (nicked this idea off eastenders lol) hope u give some idea

    • clm136262 says:

      Elegant Style

    • JonBovi says:

      House of TweezeMère PluckersÉquipe intervention of NatureWowsersRip Buff-Fair Rides and beautéHéroïnes HarpiesC’est all for now people!

    • neologycycles says:

      Drop Dead Gorgeous, seven veils, Cloud Nine, Love Potion Number Nine, Trance Training, The Way You Are, It is certain look, release, Vanity Fair. Feels GoodUn lounge beside me in the United Kingdom is called Ego. Looks like a good name. What Killer Looks. Slender. Gemutlickheit. Yummy’s Body beautiful Geisha courtesans Narcissus Galatea Raymond Impressions Perfection Obsessions (like perfume) The Other Woman, What Women Want, Morgana, Me, Lilith, Temptations, Art (near the top of the alphabet), the stars, Orgy F1, waits Secret, Flirt, Tart. Kisses. SWAK, G Spot

    • kashondra20 says:

      u. s. e (expressions unique style)

    • crapsake says:

      A hello to Lily, would you: The travauxTous on beautéBeauté Paradisetraitements StarOffrez-vousTransformationsC’est everything I can think of for now. . . . Well, it is 6:00 lol: o)

    • brillo says:

      What is interesting and unique beauty salon.

    • rajan naidu says:

      new look

    • retsuya_86 says:

      Aki costs

    • Sofia F says:

      PRETTY IN ONE WOMANBeautiful StrangerATTEND hypnotiséALL SALONWho’s That Lady L Hair & Beauty DOCTOR NEEDS THE WAY ♥ Good ChancePAR Where do you live?

    • ANON says:


    • lipgloss says:


    • brien123 says:

      I think your name Yahoo is Good – Lysa – its short and be capitalized at each end, it is a little different. Personally, I would not go into a room with a funny name or funny that I do not think his PROFFESIONAL so I wouldnt think the staff. A short name, easy to remember and that its staff at your unique sound.

    • Punk'd in Pink!!! says:

      What is “glossy”? Good luck new shop URmeeeeeeeeep

    • ebex says:

      Lyssia. . . ? Jump to a suggestion above, I thought it sounds better than ‘s. You Beautiful “

    • fluffyduck84 says:

      only 4 u

    • redshoes805 says:

      What about “Look a million dollars”

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