• i bite my nails but i want long nails how do i grow them fast?

    the thing is my frend has beutiful long nails and when i look at my nails ther disgusting iam growing them but it is taking to long can anyone tell me how to grow them faster plz!!!!!!!!!

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    19 thoughts on “i bite my nails but i want long nails how do i grow them fast?

    • David B says:


    • angelica says:

      u should drink milk i think
      thats why my mom tells me

    • priestessofthepixels says:

      Wow. . . just wow. . . . what the last guy said.

    • Wikkid Ninjette <3 says:

      Lol stop biting them.
      And go to walmart or something,
      they have nail growing polish, or some shit.
      says if you put it on your nails theyll grow faster.

    • Devin d says:

      Just stop biting them. Just dont think about it. . . at all. And they should seem to grow faster.

    • surfer mike says:

      leave your fingers marinating in good garden fertilizer for a hour a day, that will help both your causes. . . . . . good luck baby cakes

    • :) : says:

      Stop biting them, thats really the only way, or get fake onces

    • YEEEE! says:

      stop biting your nails! drink milk.
      to stop biting your nails, try getting acrylics for a while

    • ~♥rEiNa♥~ says:

      first get rid of the habit. Then you can buy this nail polish that makes your nails grow fast.

    • .+*Dymond_Diva*+. says:

      wear fake nails until growth. . . as soon as you take them off your nail will be longer. . . but if you keep doing this it will grow even longer

    • A Rogue Wave says:

      just dont bite them. its a habit so just start a dif one to get your mind off of it. I had to grow mine out for guitar and i used to really bite my nails. All I did was start spinning my pencil in class and whenever I was about to bite my nails I just shook my hand or put it in my pocket.

    • liya_robin says:

      if u want like your frendz nail then go a beauty parlor and then put artificial nail when u want to bite the nail just remove the nail.

    • tawny g says:

      stop biting them and eat lots of jello. . . gelatin is good for nail and hair growth.

    • Moonwake says:

      Get a rubber band that is sort of thick and put it around your wrist. When you feel the urge to bite them then snap your wrist with the rubber band. There are also products that you can buy at the drug store that taste bitter that you can apply to your nails! Good Luck to you wanting to stop is 3/4 of the battle!

    • plumeriagirl says:

      i do the same thing i get nail polish for harder nails it works for me
      hope that help

    • Martha Fer says:

      stop biting your nails and use some product to make them grow faster. . . , plus I think it would be good for you to eat food that contain high levels of calcium. . .

      take care and good luck!

    • cupcake says:

      if you can stop biting them, that’s really all you need.

      nails grow super fast. healthy cuticles equate to healthy nails. so massage your cuticles. they have stuff you can rub onto them that makes them healthier, and it really works. also, typing stimulates the cuticles, and makes your nails grow EXTREMELY fast.

      if you need help to stop biting them, buy the stuff that makes it tast really gross. i used to bite my nails, and my parents threatened to buy that stuff, and i was so freaked out about it that i stopped biting them, so they never even had to buy it haha.

    • DonnaBee says:

      Simple, but hard work: It just takes constant willpower to stop biting your nails. You need to be aware of each time that you feel like biting your nails, and figure out in that situation something else you can do instead. For example, each time that you feel like biting your nails, take out a nail file and just gently smooth the edge of the nail, and the urge will pass. Also, make sure you are using hand lotion after each time you wash your hands, which will keep your hands and nails moisturized. You should generally keep your nail edges filed smooth, so that there are no little bits that are tempting to start to bite, and there are no rough parts that will snag on things or break off. After a couple of days you will start to see the difference in the health of your nails, and then you just have to keep at it every day. After about 2 months of not biting your nails, that actually becomes your new habit, and you just have to stay on top of those situations where you want to go back to the comfort of the habit of biting and keep dealing with it.

    • Curious89 says:

      when you do stuff involving water your nails grow faster like washing dishes alot and swimming and stuff your nails do grow faster but always keep them polished and make sure and filed them so they dont chip or anything and they will grow out lovely my nails are long and they grow very well but i dont know if its genetics because my dad always has long hard naturally shiny nails

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