• How to grow nails in a week?

    Well, i bite my nails alot and i’ve been trying to stop. . . and my nails i just have to say they are horrible and i wanna grow them, i’ve been looking for questions that are already resolved and i found one answer quit interesting uhm they say soak your nails in vinegar for how long exactly?. . and how long does it make your nails grow?

    thankyou ♥ xxx

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    • prince89 says:

      the fastest way to get nails is to get nailed

    • Fsgshgs says:

      ok water makes ur nails soo much longer. so put them in some warm water and leave them there for a long while, even it they are purine and then take them about and dry them. . . put them back in and give them about 1 hour and ull see the results

    • A says:

      Nails grow at a steady rate. It may differ slightly from person to person, but it doesn’t vary within one person. The vinegar that they are recommending is probably to make your nails taste sour so that you’ll be less likely to bite them. They also sell stop biting products at beauty supply stores and drugstores.

      As to the growth, most people see a few millimeters a week, maybe 3 over the course of 2 weeks. It may take some time however for you to really notice growth. The reason for this is that part of your nail biting has effected the thickness of your nails. as they grow out they will be very thin and frail. It won’t start being stronger until the part that is under your cuticle right now grows all the way up your finger and finally off the end. Also, the white portion of your nail does wear down naturally with use. Between these two things you may feel like you’re going nowhere for a while.

      Keep in mind, your nail grows in two directions, it grows out as an extension of your finger tip (like you’d expect) and it also grows from beneath (the pink flesh you can see through it) creating thickness. The longer you go without biting, the thicker and stronger they will be.

      Biting your nails also effects where your nail ends. If you are really bad about it, you may have only slivers of the pink part of your nail there. When you stop biting, your nail will grow, but will stay connected to the underlying tissue for a longer time, bringing it back towards the tip where it belongs. This will keep it growing thicker for a longer time and help over all.

      It’s going to take around 2-3 months for all of this to happen. In that time, the nail you see now will have been worn off the tip, the bed will have expanded back to the tip where it belongs, the thicker nail will be in place (although it may take years to really get back to their full thickness) and to finally have stronger stuff coming off the tip as the white part you want.

      This is why it is difficult to quit biting. It is worth it though. I’d been a nail biter since I was 4 (when I quit thumb sucking). I suddenly stopped last year. . . when my teenage daughter moved out. . . Coincidence? I think not. Mine are almost to a nice normal thickness now.

      Avoid nail polish and other “strengthening” things. They don’t work and as a nail biter you will be tempted to bite pick or otherwise peel away at it. This will only harm the surface payer of your nail making it even thinner than it is now. Wait until you have the habit kicked and nice long nails to paint. . . then go nuts. Good luck.

    • Sabiaa says:

      Heyy ,, I read somewhere that there’s this nail polish that tastes distgusting so when you wouldn’t want to bite them lol . . I used to have the same problem, I wanted my nails to grow quickly but they took so long lol . . I guess it was because I wasnt eating properly and when I finally did I realised that my nails were growing back longer and stronger! Also drink loads of water and eat fruit and vegetables this really does work! lol . .

      Hope I helped !



    • Fail Whale says:

      Well, first you might want to stop biting them! You could put nail polish on them, which will make them taste bad, and then you won’t want to bite them (: I had the same problem, so I always put on clear nailpolish for everyday life so that I wont bite them.

      You could try pushing your cuticles back (the weird skin thing at the bottom of the nail). That will help your nails grow faster.
      They also grow fasting in hotter weather apparently. And they grow 20% faster if you have the flu. That part is true, because I’ve had a cold for the past 3 days, and my nails are quite long, seeing as I had trimmed them just 5 days ago. :)

      http://www. ehow. com/how_2068675_how-grow-nails-fast. html
      eHow might also help.

    • forever_smiley says:

      NOT VINEGAR! Sorry, but you can only dip your fingernails in vinegar if you want your nailpolish to last longer, not to grow your nails, honey. I’d recommend dipping it in extra virgin olive oil everyday to strengthen it and make it grow healthily. Almond oil works great too.

      EXTRA FACT: When I went to Egypt for the holidays, I went snorkeling every day in the Red Sea and I notice that within two weeks, my nails were so long and strong! Sea water helps growing your nails too, I found out. So you can add some natural sea salt (not regular salt) in lukewarm water for a few minutes occasionally to give your nails the essential minerals.

      Hope I helped,


    • Demi Kay says:

      you can buy some stuff to put on your nails to stop you from biting them, you can buy it from drug stores. then they will grow faster and also put vasiline on them and rub in :)

    • moni says:

      stupid reason of facts

    • Bency says:

      Eat almonds and drink water and milk!!!!

    • Kourtney says:

      well the vinigar doesn’t exactly help ur nails grow ubt it makes them taste bad so u dont bite them
      i was a nail biter once as well this is what i did :
      during the week i kept a clear nail polisha on
      when i came home every noght i dipped my nails in warm salted water( use natural sea salt it gives u nutrients)
      drink lots of milk and takes vitamin b and calcium supplements
      you should see a difference in a month or 2
      hope this helps you!!! :)

    • t-dawg13 says:

      one way to have long nails is to stop biting yournails all the time. I stopped biting mine and they are longer than my sister,s.

    • bad$mama says:

      sup!that’s it.

    • Klodia says:

      Ok so i am a nail biter too and i think i found a resolution which has stopped me biting for like a day!! lol. anyway wat u do is paint them or put nail stickers on them (i put nail stickers on) so that they look kinda cool. this way when u bite them u remember u want to grow ur nails and it stops u! i put 3d nail stickers on cuz u can feel them and it reminds u to get ur fingers outta ur mouth!! hope this helps!! btw i got my nail stickers from morning glory. :)

    • Sharon says:

      I too am a nail biter and im so anxious to get id of that nasty habit. I decided to stop biting them one day when I took a good look at my left thumb. I now am using no store bought product and my nails look great!

    • nailbiter1 says:

      I am the same way. I noticed my pinky was growing, so my mom gave me some length/strength complex nail growing polish, and it has made a difference in about 1 week.

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