• how short can your nails be to get acrylics? mine are very short, does that matter?

    mine are really short, and i would love to get acrylics, but im not sure whether they would look good or hurt. also, is there one where you can get the pink nail stuff painted on, as it would look funny if i had them put over the top of mine.
    also what is the difference between white tips and french manicure, i would love them to paint the pink stuff on as it would look quite wierd if i did not.

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    7 thoughts on “how short can your nails be to get acrylics? mine are very short, does that matter?

    • ♥ mademoiselle says:


    • Polonium says:

      Artificial nails make you look cheap and have no class. Please don’t get them.

    • Miss B says:

      I’ve had acrylics for four years and had really short nails when I got them done. They glue plastic ‘nails’ on top of your own nails then paint the acrylic on with a brush. You can have French which is the pink and white or get polish over the top. When you get them refilled, they file them down and add more acrylic so eventually the plastic tips grow off and you have acrylic over your natural nails. They look awesome.

    • G&M says:

      It doesn’t matter. I bite my nails so they are almost always right at the quick and I’ve never had any trouble getting my nails done. I do it for special occasions and they look nice. Definitely worth the time and money.

    • laughingtiger82 says:

      white tips and french manicure is basically the same thing, if i understand you right. if you get the french manicure, they’ll airbrush you nails a nude color first, then they’ll airbrush the white tips on. you don’t have to have a lot of nail to get acrylics done, and they don’t look trashy unless you have claws done. every time i’ve gotten mine done, no one has realized they weren’t my real nails because i keep them short and rounded. and what pink stuff are you talking about? acrylic is semi-translucent, so the color of your nailbeds is going to show through, if that’s what you’re worried about.

    • Anna says:

      I bite my nails really short and I’ve always worn acrylics. A good tip is to not wear them too long, you’ll get them caught in stuff and that hurts! If you’re worried about your nail beds (pink stuff) being too short, ask the nail stylist to apply a clear tip to each nail first, then apply a small white tip over top, a bit further up, then the transparent acrylic will be applied over top. This will elongate your nail bed and give you a cute little white tip at the end. Your nails will look awesome and you’ll feel fabulous =)

    • BrightSkinGirl:) says:

      :) well im 15 now but ive been getting my nails done since i was say 11. Ive always bitten my nails since i was Little, i have absolutely no problem getting mine done :) one thing i watch out for when i get my nails done, is the length i get them, i try not to get them t short neither too long. if u have cuts somewhere on your cuticle, some of the stuff they apply to your nails may burn a little. but the pain, cost, and time is all worth it :)!

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