• How often do you need to fill in jel nails?!?

    Im new to this. I want to get jel nails, and dont know anything about them. I have an appointment tomorrow, but want them on my sons birthday in 2 weeks. is that possible?!
    how often do you need to fill them in?

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    3 thoughts on “How often do you need to fill in jel nails?!?

    • Chew says:

      Wot izza gel nail?

    • RachelN says:

      Yes, you can have them filled in 2 weeks. Generally, gel nails need to be filled less often than acrylics do. But with both, it depends on how fast your nails grow. Its not uncommon to go 3 to 4 weeks before needing a fill. One of the reasons why this is possible is because gels – if they are made from top quality products, are less prone to lifting.
      Since you have never had them before, let me just advise you of this one thing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of salons that will give you acrylic nails, then apply a gel topcoat and call them gel nails – and charge the same amount for gel nails which cost more than acrylics. This is a common scam and it happens to a lot of people who simply don’t know any better. Just be informed when you go, and don’t let it happen to you. Long story short: When you go, make sure that the tech does NOT use any liquid and powder on your nails. If they do, you are getting acrylic nails, not gel nails.
      Gels are applied in several layers. Each individual layer must be cured under a UV lamp for about 2 minutes. There are usually 2-3 gel coats, followed by a sealer, or a type of finishing gloss which also must be cured. Thus, there will be many individual curings, but while the gel is curing on one hand, the tech usually will be working on the other hand. Still, it should take no less than one full hour to do a full set, but generally they will take longer than that – about one and a half hours is normal. One last thing – Like I said, make sure the tech uses GEL on you, and nothing else. It is NEVER a powder. This is what nail gel looks like:
      http://www. cnd. com/Home/homelink-consumer-Brisa-Gel. aspx
      Gels come in many different colors, and the finished result is usually really good, but a lot of that depends on the technicians ability and skill level in applying gels. Basically, how good they come out depends on not only the tech, and also what product line they are using. Expect to pay no less than around $45 – $50 for a full set. Gel nails cost more than acrylic nails because the gels used cost more than acrylic products do.
      Good luck and enjoy!
      I hope this helps.

    • Lindsey says:

      It really depends on how long it takes YOUR nails to grow out! Most people’s finger nails (not toes they grow much faster) grow about 0. 04in-0. 07in per week. This is with out doing anything special to them.

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