• how much do a set of gel nails cost?

    how much does it cost to get a full set of gel nails done in a salon roughly? and how often do they need topping up? and how much do the infills cost? uk

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    5 thoughts on “how much do a set of gel nails cost?

    • Chathu E says:

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    • Belly Jane says:

      minimum- $50

      maximum- $150

    • Bubblicious<3 says:

      www. youtube. com/users/pinksunshine07 check out my fake nails 101 video

    • XkaylagalX says:

      My mate gets dem dun and dey cost £28. you get them done every 3-4 weeks – very expensive!
      if you are a bit short on money, you only get the ones which came of done – you may not think they come off easily but they do.

      they realy damage your nails and once they are damaged they take months to grow back.

      personally i wouldnt get them done, just get them painted or get a french manicure done for a much cheaper price – usualyy £15!!

      Hope this helped :)

    • ZenGirl says:

      Gel nails aren’t fake nails like acrylic. It is a form of polish that needs a UV light to finish them. Unlike regular painted nails, they look good for a couple weeks -longer if you just do a French Manu ire style because you can’t see the growth line. Get them done at your local nail school & it’s not that expensive. I pay $6 a time for my gel nails with a manicure at the nail school. Plus I tip, cuz they’re not making any money at the school.

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