• How long do finger nails grow in one week?

    My finger nail just broke all the way and my nails are all long because they grow fast. How long do you think it will grow in just one week?

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    4 thoughts on “How long do finger nails grow in one week?

    • **ChRiStInA** says:

      well I’m not exactly sure how long but i do think its something like 1 mm in two weeks time but you could always buy different products to help make them stronger once they do grow so it can help prevent the nails from breaking and splitting i use to have the same problem my nails would always grow to the length i would want them and then break :(
      but i hope this helps

    • Flowergal90 says:

      They grow . 8 cm in a month. SO in a week I’m guessing 2 mm.

    • Inga says:

      well, it varies between each person. If the broken nail is of your dominant hand it should grow pretty fast. Eat/drink lots of things that contain calcium such as milk, cheeses, meat, sea food, and things that contain potassium and drink a lot of water(not too much, though) and it should make it grow faster!!

    • zaineb says:

      ye saab jhoot bujhty hay mainay saab khuch kia hay saab bekar ki baatay hay stupid , khuty. behnshood

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