• How do i get my nails done?

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    Turnabout is coming up and I got a purple dress. Im gonna get the money and jewlery heels. For my nails .. im not sure what to get.I kind of want to get a solid color, but I think purple would look bad because ill never be able to match it perfectly.I guess i could get a French manicure but id rather do something different.Any ideas?

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    5 thoughts on “How do i get my nails done?

    • sunnygirl1 says:

      French manicure pedicure! Maybe white :) but loud purple too!

    • lilswimpunk says:

      Getting money to match your shoes and jewelery.

    • Allison [♥] says:

      you can get the color lavander or something .. not the kind fuscia, one pretty. =)

    • ♥22♥im in love with this guy. says:

      if it was me i would have them do something as tips maybe white / purple than the increase in their money or if you find white tip have them set as purple and silver sparkles or dimonds on them i do that a lot and mix around its normal color looks good!

    • Sorority Girl says:

      keep it simple and pretty … get a French manicure american bc or all of the elements that purple and silver on the tips and a ghetto ..

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