• Help! My hair? Thinning, my fingernails break and my skin s? Tasks. ?

    Can anyone help? My hair? Clears of her? Are spectacular during this ann? E, I gu? Re left? hair! Also my nails are breaking a ridiculously short length and my skin is? dry! I’m taking really good hair, skin and nails tablets? S Holland & Barratt but its only center of typical teenage spots on my face! But my hair is still falling and my nails do not grow and my face has always skin s? Che! Im only 17 years, so why all this is happening?

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    6 thoughts on “Help! My hair? Thinning, my fingernails break and my skin s? Tasks. ?

    • Hannah :) says:

      You must ensure you have enough water to stay hydrated? and also eats fruits and Supp? ments iron that strengthen nails and hair! Good luck. x

    • 2cut34u says:

      I heard vitamin pr? Natal help with this kind of thing.

    • nickname says:

      yeah ur daughter take vitamins

    • melissa says:

      because min Wella hair is FALLING OUT stress. and if your 17 exams which are probably very Diong? s stressful for anyone. V? Verify? Also that your drinking enough water. glasses per day is recommended? e. but go see your m? doctor because they know how to help

    • LadieW/TheBabie says:

      If you dye your hair it could damage emensly I do not know why your nails would break if I see a m? Doctor, if I? Quiet you. r? lay? mine if you pla? Does everyone http://answers. Yahoo. com / question / index; _ylt = AlNPd2zzJ8ePYLTW6yS6aHDsy6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20091126105529AAhvM2W

    • SofiaBraylen says:

      take om? ga 3 vitamins thats exactly what you besoin.ce happened? ? and I saw my dermatologist and she agreed pills fish (:

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