• Do fake nails damage your natural nails?

    I’m thinking of getting fake nails because i’m really bad at painting mine. So i want to get them professionally done, maybe acrylics or gels im not sure yet.

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    25 thoughts on “Do fake nails damage your natural nails?

    • D says:

      They look good for a while but in the long run I do feel they damage your own nails.

    • welcome to my world says:

      Dont get them, eventually after getting them filled and re-done numerous times they will damage your nails,, and in some cases ive seen may turn your nails yellowish . . . . ick . . .

    • Charlotte..x says:

      Yeah fake nails do ruin your natural nails.

      EDIT: I’ve just done some research on the internet. I’d always been told that fake nails ruin your real nails, I was also told they stunt the nail growth too, So i’d always been put off.

      Many website i have searched on say that its the technique which determined how runied they become.

      So going to a reputatble nail salon is the best choice. What infact ruins them is the heavy handed technique using aggressive filing and removal techniques

    • Jene T says:

      yes b/c your nails cant breathe

    • Lisa G says:

      yeah, they file down your real nails, then once you take the fake nails off your nails will be very weak until they grow out your real nails past the part that has been filed down.

    • chelsluvs2sh0p93 says:

      yes they do damage your natural nails

    • Vickie =] says:

      heck yes. i get mine done all of the time and when you take them off because they are overgrown in tears apart your real nail. it is worth it because they are really cute. . but it tears your real nail to pieces and hurt too. idk how badly it does when the pro’s take em off though? :) hope this helped

    • uroxmysoxoff says:

      Yeah it pulls off layers of your natural nails
      even if you soak
      all that does it make it just a little better

    • Laura says:

      im not sure they never damage mine

    • anonymous :) says:

      YES omg they mess up ur nails bad and whats the point of gettin acrylics if they come off in 2 weeks If u want them to look nice then u have to keep getting them done ever 2 weeks its a hassle and a lot of money Use sally hansen nailgrowth miracle in the gold bottle it works and my nails are long and I go to the shop and they do them for me they can do designs and all that stuff u get on acrylics on ur real nails Thats what I do or I just do the designs and paint them myself Its easier

    • sassyzena@ymail.com says:

      Yes. They will make your nails real thin and weak. Once you take them off it will take about 2 months for a the could nail to grow out.

    • Sweetpea says:

      Yes. They actually sand your nails down so the fake ones adhere. Removing the nails is very painful because they either to a chemical soak or they pry them off. When you get fake nails off your real nails are like paper. Just go to the salon and have them paint them for you, they can do that.

    • Charlotte x says:

      They dent your nails underneath and make them go very weak and thin

    • mercy says:

      If all you want is for them to paint your nails that is good. The designs they come up with are awesome. Let them take care of your own nails for you. Putting on fake nails in the long term does damage your nails.

    • Temera C says:

      they always damage mine. so i started going back to the nail place so they can take them off and my natural nails still was damaged. so i stopped get the fake nails. just have them do an overlay on your natural nails.

    • jellybean1072 says:

      I think that they do because they file your nails down to put the fake nail and fill on top. I got them done, and I didn’t like them. I felt awkward and I just don’t recommend them at all.

    • SimplyMe. says:

      False nails do ruin your natural nails, but they last quite a while and look nice while you have them on so they are worth it in the end i think.
      When you take the nails off your nails will be weaker than normal but you can buy nail varnish that strengthens nails which would help.
      Hope i helped.

    • Leona M says:

      Do not get acrylic, it is applied to you nail and you nail cant breathe through them so when they come of you nail will be very weak and brittle also they can change to a murky yellow colour, Gel nails are probs the best option for you, but you need to apply them properly and take them off properly or your nails will be damaged a little. The gel should be applied to you nail first to minimise damage, then the nails are applied followed by 3 or 4 coats of gel again. If your going to get gel nails find out from people who normally get them were is the best place to go. They are around £40 to get done and £10 to refill them every so often, You should also look for people who do home visits its cheaper by up to 50%.

    • Hannah S says:

      Gels are much better than acrylic. When you take off acrylic nails, you are a very weak and soft nail. When gels are taken off, your nail is longer and still strong. Gel allows them to breathe, they look exactly the same as acrylic and are normally the same price.

    • C R says:

      Yes they do once my mom got a french fake nails and she got tierd of them so she got a professional to take them off and what you know her finger nails were all mested up it took her years for her nails to look pretty again so yeah it does mess up your nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ♥meesh says:

      Yes; they make your nails paper thin and you have to file them down to make them appear smooth again, therefore making them even MORE thin. They’re cute, but you really have to commit to them.

      You can get them professionally painted, if that’s all you’re having trouble with. It’s cheaper too, usually.

    • J C says:

      yes they do but they look good :D

    • Stacey P says:

      I have been getting my nails done with acrylics for about 8 years. Yes, they damage the nails. But if you take the acrylics off and let the nails grow out, you will never you know you had them. But–during that time, your nails will be so weak that you will want to get the acrylics back on because of the sheer sight of the damaged nails growing back.

    • ME says:

      I just use the tips they use to do acrylics, I don’t put anything over them like gel I just glue them on and shape them and tbh my real nails are in great condition and grow quite well with them on. If you are going to get them I suggest you use just the tips (which you can do by yourself,) or get gel nails as they are less damaging than acrylics (they really do damage your nails) keep them on for a month and your nails should have grown long enough for you

    • Omii Goshii says:

      I Wouldnt Say They Do

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