• Can you go swimming with acrylic fake nails on?

    Yesterday i got my nails done up because i kept biting them. Now i am about to go swimming i need to know if its okay to go into a chlorinated pool with acrylic nails on without them falling off or breaking. please help
    coolgirl :)

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    17 thoughts on “Can you go swimming with acrylic fake nails on?

    • (: hello says:


    • t.a.z. :) says:

      Yes, i’m pretty sure you can.

    • ♥☆Mrs. Rose☆♥ says:

      Yep! It will be fine. Have fun swimming!

    • brittany , says:

      Yes you can. :) I always get my nails done, and I have a pool, and nothing happened. Just make sure to moisturize your hands!

      http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index?qid=20090316103236AA0BCZK

    • Q.T Pie says:

      Yeah probably, I think that the clorine content of the water might loosen them abit but you will probably be fine. They might not look as nice as before and if you have painted them or had them painted profesionally it may damage the paint a little. Overall I’d say yeah, go for it, it’s more likely to be OK than a disaster, right? Just be careful and maybe don’t jump into the pool or mess about alot or they might fall off. Good Luck xox

    • tiny says:

      Yes, women do it all the time.

    • malloryyymichelle says:


      i hope they look nice!

    • no1 says:

      yes should be fine, ring them back and ask to doubly make sure.

    • Emily J says:

      Yes, your nails will be okay in the pool.
      The only thing you need to watch out for with acrylic nails is nail polish remover.

      Have fun swimming!

    • Britt M. says:

      No I don’t recommend it, I went swimming with mine on and had to dig them out of the pump.

    • lakaloki says:

      Absolutly, they are way better than natural nails, as long as your not swimming in nail polish remover you will be absolutly fine.

    • Casey says:

      Yes you sure can! =D
      because if you but your own fake nails
      the glue is really strong
      But in the nail places ( i forget what there called =P )
      They use somthing too that’s strong
      so yeah you can! =)

    • red devil says:

      hiya, my daughter goes swimming every week,she has false nails.

    • Kristyn B says:

      Yes you are fine. They will not fall off.

    • Megan U. says:

      yes you can!!:) if you bought your own the glue might wear away a little but there is always more glue in the bottle:)

    • purplenerd says:

      ya i have pink and white nails that are like acrylic but they are both a gel and i go swiming all the time its fine just dont go in a hot tub if u have my sort of nails cuz they will fade

    • PinkAndWhite says:

      i have pink n white gel nails and im going to swim so i guess its ok since the person who posted b4 had em done and swam :)

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