• Best two-step mascara to make lashes stand out and lengthen?

    I like the mascaras where you put a base coat on then the colour but am never sure which brand will look better. I also wear glasses so I need my lashes to stand out. Which of those two-step/black-white sort of mascaras will do the job?
    Katelyn, wish I could go to Walmart but am in UK. Will look online.

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    4 thoughts on “Best two-step mascara to make lashes stand out and lengthen?

    • Emily M says:

      The best two step mascara is Gosh Cosmetics eye caching mascara! I use it all the time and it thickens, makes my eye lashes longer and stronger. & the reviews are great! Everyone likes this mascara! I hope this helps :)

    • Ashley :-) says:

      I think Loreal. look at the sight: http://www. lorealparisusa. com/_us/_en/default. aspx#page=top{userdata//d+d//|main:home|diagnostic|nav|overlay:productdetail//objectid+Cos35b_1//|media:_blank}

    • Katelyn . says:

      Well i dont thikk you really need to be using a two steep mascara. . . but thats just my opinion
      i have really longg eyelashes and i uses revlon stilleto
      it works really good. . . it adds so much length but not so much on the volume part
      so after i apply the stilleto i use covergirl lash blast
      it works sooo good and looks amazing.
      you can find both of these products at your local walmart :))

    • Torrie W says:

      Revlon in “blackest black”: http://www. revlon. com/ProductCatalog/ProductDetails. aspx?CategoryID=3&SubCategoryID=12&ProductID=168

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