• How to make your lips permanently bigger without makeup or surgery?

    is there a way to make lips bigger permanently, I have very small thin lips and I look at celebrities like angelina jolie that have such beautiful large lips, is there a way to make them bigger?

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    6 thoughts on “How to make your lips permanently bigger without makeup or surgery?

    • Naysa☆彡 says:

      Not really no, they ‘say’ those lip balms can do it, but they don’t they just temporarily swell the lip and not by much either.

    • jay_d_skinner says:

      they use Botox and hopefully from reputable plastic surgeons. Also if you are comparing look at the messes they have done to themselves, Goldie Hawn was a beautiful person before, but I do not like what has happened to her libs.

    • . says:

      nope there isnt, unless you get a hundred bees to sting your lips, then it may swell for a long time haha

      dont look at celebrities, they’re all fake and done up! angelina jolie actually had much LARGER lips as a child, she’s had them REDUCED because they were too big

      think about it, look at all the other celebs who have had their lips enlarged, 99. 9% of them look worse now than they did with their thinner lips. big lips are overrated. they get dry and crack more easily for one thing.

      its all in your head, im sure your lips are absolutely fine

    • Maria says:

      It wont be permanent, but its the easiest thing. You just suck on your bottom lip twice a day for as long as you want, you decide how big you want them, and they become instantly big! Good luck, it definitely worked on me.

    • JulioAcosta0012 says:

      a good way for a temporary plump would be to use a old toothbrush with rustled brushes and exfoliate your lips. cover them with vaseline first and wait for the vaseline to sit before exfoliating. be careful not to do this too hard as your lips are delicate. make sure your lips are NOT CHAPPED and apply moisture thru chapstick or vaseline (not lipstick/gloss!!!)to your lips immediately after exfoliating. lipstick and gloss will dry out your lips even more so you’d have big lips but chapped ones as well. this trick will not only make your lips bigger, but it will give a more reddish and more natural color to your lips as well. (temporary tho of course)

    • CELEBRITY LIPS says:

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