• How do i make my skin flawless !? without using makeup?

    i’ve seen people with flawless skin without makeup!
    how do they do it. .
    i’d love to go out 1 day with nooo makeup at all n still look flawless
    helpp!? thanks
    by the way i don’t get spots of anything

    i just get red bits i have a lot of freclkes and im very pale xd

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    10 thoughts on “How do i make my skin flawless !? without using makeup?

    • ☆ ★ ☆ ★STAR ★ ☆ ★ ☆ says:

      Well to get flawless skin.
      Pour some cold water into your sink and dip your whole face into it.

      Cleanse and get rid of all make-up before going to bed.

      Use a nice Night cream before you go to sleep.

      Wear Tinted moisturiser instead of foundation.

    • Kate ;) says:

      Drink 4 pints of water everyday. No chocolate and stay away from oily food like chips. Then when it’s the holidays squeeze ALL of your visible spots and use an exfoliater (Face Scrub) and it will be fine.

    • Dollphayce. says:

      you can’t have flawless skin. everyone gets spots. some less than others,some more than others.
      if you stick to a routine of cleaning your skin every morning&night it will improve your complexion,since youre getting rid of all the dirt on your skin. and exfoliate atleast once a week. applying vitamin e to your skin will also help.
      if its spots that are worrying you,you can go see a dermatologist,he/she will sort it out for you (:
      none of the spot creams/gels really work,its just a waste of money.
      i wear no make up,even though my skin aint that good,i still get a few spots,i dont really care to be honest.

    • Away With The Fairies says:

      Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t smoke. Do drink plenty of water and eat a sensible diet. Sorted!

    • Kelly_Babez x says:

      Tinted Moisturiser


      The night before AND the same mourning clense,tone and moisturise.

      Hoped ive helped

    • toptottie_3 says:

      Steps of Routine Skincare for Flawless Skin:

      1) Cleansing:

      Cleansing is essential to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin. Cleansing is done with specific solutions, known as cleansers. Cleansers are mixture of oil, surfactant and water. Oil dissolves the oil, surfactant cleans the dirt and water washes out all the garbage giving your skin a fresh look and feel.

      All cleansers may not go with your skin type. The ratio of oil to the surfactant and water defines how your skin would response to the cleanser. Excess oil content may block pores while lesser oil often leads to dry skin. Get yourself a good cleanser that suits your skin type. Visit online drugstore to buy a suitable product.

      2) Exfoliation:

      This process removes dead skin cells that make your skin look dull by changing your natural complexion. When you exfoliate all the dead skin cells are peeled off along with the outer layer of skin. This makes your skin look fresh and more youthful.

      Among various processes of exfoliation Scrubbing is quite common and popular. Scrub cleaners take the dead cell layer off your skin gently. A considerable number of people prefer peeling treatments as well. Exfoliation should be done at least twice in a week.

      3) Moisturizing:

      Whether yours is oily or dry, you must moisturize your skin. Moisturizer moistens your skin by locking water on the surface. If your skin often becomes dry and your face seems to be stretched tightly, perhaps it lacks moisture.

      4) Sunscreen:

      Sun damage is often irreversible. The best way to protect your skin from sun burn is using sunscreen. Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight may not work. UV rays of the sun are active on cloudy days too.

      Sun damage is one of the main reasons of early wrinkles. After applying all the basic facial products, use a sunscreen. Alternatively, you can use a moisturizer with sunscreen for the daytime and purchase a moisturizer without sunscreen for night.

    • dreamtheskye says:

      Make sure you are using a good cleanser, toner and moisturizing and be careful when you are out in the sun. Exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells every week or so.

      -Paul Mitchell Salon Professional

    • someone :) says:

      don’t worry about freckles, they make you look cuter :)

      i guess you could use witch hazel if you have greasy red patches. . . also i find that rinsing my face with cold water (no soap!!!) helps to even out skintone

      also drink lots of water. . . maybe a glass every 2 hours

      eat pine nuts (they’re meant to be good for skin)

      and if you want, you could try evening primrose oil capsules. . .

      . . . but i think that drinking water is most important. . . and cheapest aswell :)

    • belle.xx says:

      drink water water and more water!
      i have a pale complexion and i find that water hydrates my skin creating a healthier glow.
      if you are conscious of being pale go for tinted moistouriser and eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits will help.
      exfoliate once a week and cleanse every night.
      this should help =]

    •    says:

      oh my GOSH
      my skin used to be so bad. . i had an allergic reaction to LOTION so my cheeks were all red and flakey and dry and bumpy, it really hurt my self-esteem. and since i have combination skin, my forehead was oily. ugh.
      then my dad bought me this liquid food supplement called BioStrath (i have the original one) it’s like a vitamin and is 100% natural, the yeast relseases natural herb vitamins in your body. it tastes like cough syrup and honey. anyways this thing frikin saved my life, i love it to death.
      i also used to have really chapped lips and medicated lip balm or vaseline only helped for a short time, until my lips got oily from all the balm i was putting on it. BioStrath also has all the B vitamins which is good for your lips,
      anyways now my lips are so smooth and NORMAL!! i can actually go out without carrying lip balm in my pocket. and as for my skin, i’ve been taking BioStrath for about a week or two, and when i wash my face it feels like porcelin and silk lol. i can’t get over how amazing it is. and when i touch it there isnt a single dry spot or flake and its perfectly smooth and soft.
      i seriously hope this works as well for you as it did for me, because i can’t thank my dad enough for buying it for me.

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