• How can I keep my lips naturally moist without chapstik or Vaseline?

    i see so many people keep their lips moist without chap stick or Vaseline. People say that licking your lips make it dry but what about all those people who lick their lips and it stays moist

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    8 thoughts on “How can I keep my lips naturally moist without chapstik or Vaseline?

    • Wrendora says:

      what is wrong with chapstick?

      Anyway to keep any part of skin moist is drink plenty of water.

    • LOL says:

      LICK EM!

    • Xena says:

      drink more water

    • **C** says:

      ya DONT lick them it will make your lips so much dryer, a lot of guys use chap-stick and i dont see anything wrong with it! girls love soft lips!

    • bobby says:

      Put baking soda on them and thepowder should keep them moisturised and wet

    • nick04girl says:

      lip bomb!
      and drink water
      usually if your lips are dry it means your getting dehydrated
      and your need to drink more fluids

    • In love with Mich says:

      what ever you do, don’t lick them! but drink lots of water and keep plenty hydrated, just don’t lick them

    • Greg L says:

      I normally have dry lips in terms of sensation. . . like, my lips are just uncomfortable. But when I touch them or if someone kisses me, my lips are known to always be soft and supple! But just to alleviate that “dry” feeling, I always have Burt’s Bees with me. And at times, if I don’t start my day with chapstick, chances are that I’ll get that annoying dry feeling, to the point that it feels really bad/almost burning.

      HOWEVEr, what I learned. . .

      this is a result of over-heating in the body; too much fire as the Chinese doctors say.

      If you stay up late past midnight, especially past 3a. m. , your body’s internal energy overheats. In terms of Western medicine, the liver, in accordance with he biological clock, is most active from 1a. m. to 3a. m. Chinese medicine says the liver overheats and there is too much fire in the body. Thusly, we should sleep before midnight to let our bodies rest and let the liver comfortably do its job. Too much fire means, overheat. . . leading to ease dehydration and even acne (inflammation in the skin).

      this “fire” in the body causes all kinds of symptoms of dehydration. Because your lips are so sensitive, your lips feel it. Lips are a pretty good detector for your body’s dehydration.

      You should also drink about 6-8 glasses of water PER DAY. That’s about four 22 fl oz water bottles. Spread it out through the day. This will keep your joins lubricated (kinda like how a robot needs to oil up the joints) and your skin naturally moist/hydrated. . . thereby moistening the lips as well.

      If you keep up this regimen, especially the WATER part. . . you should notice your body returning back to normal and your lips more comfortable. . . when I keep up this regimen, I don’t require burt’s bees lip balms. The water regimen is the most important and probably suffice.

      And one last thing to keep out for. . .


      If you eat too many dry foods and salty foods, for example, intaking so much within a week, your body will prolly start showing signs of dehydration excessively during the next week. So if per chance your water regimen does not work, it’s most likely because you’re simply offsetting it with all that salt and dryness.


      good water intake will also help regulate the brain chemicals, such as endorphin levels, seratonin, etc. Water will reduce depression and mental imbalances. It also regulates body temperature very well. Water will also help regulate your appetite as well as energy through the day. You might start to feel more energetic and not so easily exhausted after 1-2 weeks of following this water regimen.
      Once your body returns to normal from this water regimen, you’ll start noticing all the benefits.

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