• How can I convince my parents to let me wear makeup?

    I want to wear makeup really badly cuz im a total girly girl and my mom won’t let me cuz she thinks that i want to cuz of peer pressure. all my friends do. but that’s not the reason i want to, really. and i want to ask her in a year’s time. and what should i be able to wear starting out? i like mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. that’s it. btw, is it bad for your skin if you start young? my parents are super strict. i’m 12.

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    15 thoughts on “How can I convince my parents to let me wear makeup?

    • carlos says:

      By showing them your responsible and it won’t change you after you were it.

    • manda says:

      Wait another year

    • foreveryours22 says:

      you should show them how you would apply it! or at least ask them to wear it on special occasion. . like tonight! new years!! don’t start wearing them all at once tho you should start little by little and gradually in a couple months wear some more :) and wearing a full face of makeup like foundation and concealer will make your face age faster so don’t use it unless you need it for covering up acne or spots :)

      hope i helped and have a happy new year!

    • Nicole says:

      Start wearing Mascara and maybe a little eyeliner. Dont go near eyeshadow yet at your age. I started wearing when I was 14. I just kept wearing it and in the end my mom didnt care

    • Marylee says:

      thats pretty much all i wear. . but i started when i was 13. just dont wear eye shadow. i used it everyday (still do) and my eyelids are already getting wrinkled.

    • Kristen says:

      Even if they did let you, I would only use light stuff at your age

    • paige says:

      You are a little young, and I can understand why your parents wouldn’t want you to be wearing makeup. I think that just being responsible about it, and easing yourself into it would be good. Tell your mom that you will start out by just wearing some mascara. It will ease you and your mom into it, and it won’t be too dramatic. Also, makeup can make you break out and get acne, but only if you’re wearing cover up, so you should be fine with just wearing eye makeup.

    • .... says:

      Ask for some sheer lip gloss or tinted lip balm (preferably with SPF) and a tube of clear mascara; I doubt they’d say no to that. Then work your way up to more products as you get older, but never go beyond what you need. At 12, you do NOT need eyeliner and eyeshadow. 14’s good. Move on to tinted mascara when you’re 13.

      It’s not necessarily bad for your skin if you deep cleanse every night & remove all your makeup. Do not sleep with it on, or let it stay in your pores for a long time!

      However, if your parents still refuse even after talking to them, the best thing to do is to respect their decision, and not hide things behind their backs.

    • Ellie-pop says:

      I was 14 when i started wearing make up
      But i did start experimenting when i was around 13
      Maybe you could start out by curling your eyelashes (with an eyelash curler) and add vaseline to them to keep them curled you could then add a bit of eyeliner to the lower lask line and finish off by adding some lipgloss or vaseline to the lips :)
      Hope i helped

    • Colbe says:

      Maybe you could ask your mother to show you how to wear it so that it is not overwhelming as many tweens have a tendency to do. She may appreciate that.

      I was the same age when I wanted to wear make-up but one day in the school bathroom I overheard a conversation coming from an upper classmate who stated she thought “so-and-so” was so pretty because she didn’t “have” to wear makeup. I stopped wearing it and rarely do to this day (and I am old enough to be your mother). Whoever that girl was, she was right!

      Good luck!

    • Anna says:

      I personally think 12 is a young age to start wearing makeup.
      I didn’t wear makeup until I was 18 / 19 years old. My parents had no say in it because I paid for my own makeup.
      But this is totally entirely up to you.

      Just remember when you are using makeup to be gentle with your skin especially around the eye area. Tugging your eye while putting on eyeliner or rubbing your face really hard causes premature ageing.
      Take care of your skin and DON’T sleep with make up on. It clogs your pores causing acne. Buy a good cleanser and gentle eye make up remover. Take care of yourself and your skin!

      When you start wearing foundation/powder you’ll at first feel as if your face is itchy. Try not to touch it, your skin is just not used to it. Or maybe you “caked” your face a bit too much (apply less or change to a lighter foundation/powder).

      If you want makeup advice there’s always beauty consultants close by the makeup section. Don’t be afraid to ask.
      And if you want creative makeup ideas you can always search them online or watch videos off Youtube.

      And just because your friends wear makeup, doesn’t mean you should too. Look deep within yourself and make decision YOU want not what THEY want. Don’t let others control you.
      K, have fun!

    • Е ♥ Я♥ I ♥ C♥ Д ♥ ♫ says:

      i’m your age. I have to wait til I am in eighth grade to wear it. Eye shadow is like really gross, lol. Don’t wear it. I would stick to eye liner and mascara. And you can’t convince them anything. Show some responsibility. NOT fake responsibility, actual responsibility tht shows your growing up. Examples:Do your own laundry,put your dishes away, and clean your room without being told. Good luck.

    • katio says:

      hello and happy new years to start. You have a few questions so i will answer them one at a time.

      1st: All chemicals are bad for your skin, but almost all chemicals used are bad for humans. For example it has been proven that using deodorant after taking a shower can lead to alzheimer’s because it has Aluminum. (link below has the info on aluminum) . So no matter what you do you will always have chemicals and environmental effects that will harm your skin. I really don’t think make up is worse then the back ground radiation that is on our plant. ( back ground radiation is , radiation that is always there, link below for it)

      2nd: My parents are also super strict, i had punishments where i was not even allowed to read books, just sit on my bed and do nothing. anyway point being my little sister is 9 ( i am 26 now ) and she wears nail polish. I don’t know if you wear nail polish or not but i would say try getting them use to the thought of it by wearing nail polish, glitter on your cheeks ( very little). You can also try putting in a single strip of color to your hair, using the hair color sprays. Don’t dye it, that would piss them off since you cant take it out. By making them use to you expanding your self, they will slowly get more of an open mind about it. just do not push to hard, or you will turn them away from it.

      3rd: Talk to them about it when your ready. Yet remember it is all about the way you approach Them about it. Do not yell or be rude, take your time. Tell them how you feel. They will most likely try to say the same thing as before about you trying to be like your friends. Bring up points that make you wearing make up, seem like not much of a big deal. Let them know that you do not want to get a tongue ring , or a tattoo. The more mature you are about how you talk to them the better it will go but no guarantees. You can even tell your mom that she can pick out the colors for you.

      Those are the best tips i can give you, i wish you good luck with the upcoming year. take care of your self.

    • ? says:

      HUH!?!?! WHAAAAAAAHHH!!! NO! NO! NO! WHY MEEEEHE-HE-HE-HEeeee Bawl! I WAAAANT TOOOOOO WEAR MAKEUPPPPPPPP!!! Sob! Oh God Why did it this ha-ha-ve to happ-eh-eh-eh -en!? OOOOOoooh! Woe is me! HOOOOOOOONK! snif Booo Hooo-o-o-o-o-o, (gasp) Blubber ahk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AHWha-a–a-a-ah! Sniffle! snuckle! Snort! I want my MOMMY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y TOOOOOO LETT MEEEE WEAR MAKE UPPP!! WWWHHY MOMMMY-Y-Y-Y-Y WHYY!?!

      like that :]

    • Crystal rocks says:

      I so feel your pain I’m also 12 my mum won’t let me wear make up as well (only lip gloss but not much) if you can go to the bathrooms before school and put some on there then wash it off before you come home. I can’t do anything like this coz I’m homeschooled (I have bad acne)
      Well good luck!

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