• Good makeup brand? One that makes skin look smooth, not like a cake face?

    I’m going to buy makeup this summer. But I don’t want to buy makeup that would make me look like a cake face!! I’ve had this experience before – I looked like a cake face for my year 12 ball after getting it done at a hair salon!
    Are there any makeup brands out there that keep the skin looking SMOOTH and not built up with makeup?

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    5 thoughts on “Good makeup brand? One that makes skin look smooth, not like a cake face?

    • I'm from the UK says:

      Bare Minerals is quite good.

    • soph733 says:

      NARS, Stilla, Revlon. Get liquid, and don’t apply much is the secret ;) Get a good coverup if you want to cover blemishes and sleepy eyes. Don’t get cheap foundation, as it is the foundation to your makeup.
      If you want a matte effect, by a powder or cream. For a silky,dewy finish, buy liquid :)

    • Erica Jade says:

      Bare Minerals is really great as long as you prefer a more natural look. The brushes that come with the starter kit are fantastic.

      I love that for daytime, but at night sometimes I use L’Oreal’s tru blend line. It just gives more coverage. It hasn’t ever looked cakey on me.

    • Eames says:

      I cannot recommend enough times NARS products, especially Sheer Glow Foundation. Sheer Glow never looks “caked on,” because of its silky smooth texture and the fact that it’s so spreadable on the face. Countless people have told me they had no idea I was even wearing makeup, it’s that natural-looking. The coverage is amazing, though.

    • Justin says:

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