• Aftershave/Cologne for a 16 year old male. . . . help please. ?

    could any young men on here recommend a nice aftershave for a 16 year old boy please?

    i’m starting my Xmas shopping early & have no idea what fragrance this age group tends to like.

    thank you for any serious answers.

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    8 thoughts on “Aftershave/Cologne for a 16 year old male. . . . help please. ?

    • brincks26 says:

      I use the Gillette aftershave and I like it so far. It comes in a little blue bottle.

    • ashley234 says:

      paco rabbane

      (or however you spell it)

      im a girl but but i got my guy best friend this a few months back and he loves it.

    • Ruth J says:

      I don’t know if this will help, but i have a 17 year old boyfriend.
      He likes “Davidoff Cool Water” or the “Original Jean Paul Gaultier”.

      I really don’t know if that helps, but you get other advice. they are not cologne any way.

    • leetim13 says:

      after shave ummmm i have no idea

      but for cologne try Gio Acqua Di Armani

      it has fresh scent and it kinda smells like lemon Oo it’s really fresh

      or try Polo Sports =D <<< i love that cologne

    • Philip M says:

      depends on what type of person he is

      if hes a chav or those sort of people then get Joop

      if he wears like suits n shirts then get jean paul gaultier

    • Hannah says:

      What about joop jump for men?
      Its resonably priced and is perfect for young men.
      ”Jump is a modern, fresh signature fragrance from Joop. It’s reassuringly masculine with a twist. A creative inspiration around frozen vodka and coriander leaves it is an everyday, modern and easy to wear fragrance that has notes of rosemary, thyme, grapefruit, vodka, coriander leaves, heliotrope, tonka beans, vetiver and musk. ”
      This is what joop jump smells like, its young and fresh. . . good luck with the rest of your christmas shopping?

    • melissa says:

      abercrombie and fitch feirce is amazing

    • pixie's live for ever says:

      i’m a girl i would say joop for men

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